LDS Living features student's music video of "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul"

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Patrick Campbell

BYU-Hawaii student Kristi Krause recently had a music video of her singing "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" featured on LDS Living on Oct. 19.

"It was really different releasing something that was more focused on God," said Krause, a junior from California majoring in vocal performance. "My purpose was to inspire others and help others come closer to Christ or to at least help them feel the spirit."

Krause said her father emailed LDS Living with a link to the video on YouTube. Krause and her father were both amazed when it was actually featured.

Krause also shared it with the Mormon Channel, which responded, "This is a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing it with us. No doubt it has and will continue to benefit many people."

Her friends and family also shared the video on Facebook and other social media platforms, according to Krause.

Elder Hunter Crew, who is serving in the Scottsdale Arizona Mission, posted the video but didn't even know Krause. He saw the video because of a mutual friend who posted it to her Facebook wall. He shared the video after watching and added how the video had influenced him.

Crew posted on Facebook, "Your problems will not disappear but they will become easier because now you have someone with you on your journey. Let Jesus in, He is our Savior and the Redeemer of our souls."

Krause said, "It’s really touching to see even people I don't know see the video and be inspired."

The video was filmed and edited by BYUH alumna Andrea Marshall, who said, "You have people who go to [LDS Living] to be uplifted, and so it's nice seeing that people who want to be uplifted want to see my video."

Krause said the inspiration people feel while watching isn’t just because of the music "but the way it was filmed by Andrea. She really captured the moments of the song."

The song was recorded a year ago, but Krause still had the desire to hire a videographer to make a music video but “never felt like I knew someone that could.”

“Then I actually saw some of [Marshall’s] videos of a girl playing the violin and I thought, 'She’s good!'"

Marshall said, "It was a really nice experience because one, I got to work with students; and two, share our talents. Kristi is very talented with music and I always like sharing my gift with video as well."

After agreeing to make the video, the two looked for a place to film. Marshall shared, "We talked about different locations where we could shoot it, and both of us felt like over at Laie Point was a place that was quiet and peaceful.”

After planning out other logistics with filming at the Point, Krause and Marshall didn’t set an exact date to film. Krause said, "It was kind of spontaneous because we planned it but we didn’t. We were kind of like, 'Lets just go and do it.'"

Krause added, "It was a perfect day."

It took two hours to film, said Marshall. "We worked with location and with time of day to make what we wanted happen."

Krause recorded the song a year ago with Scott Spurgiesz, founder of Music Pillar, a site dedicated to teaching and recording music. He arranged the song and played the piano for the recording.

Spurgiesz said, "Kristi has such a good dynamic and range of color that she can create with her voice. It is easy to get inspired when accompanying her."

Marshall said there is a difference between working with church music compared to more secular music. "I like to do church music [videos] because the Spirit is extra strong while I'm both filming and editing…”

Krause added, "It was really special getting to film the video here in Hawaii."

Date Published: 
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, October 24, 2017