Library hosts recipe competition to promote cookbooks available to students

Written by: 
Patrick Campbell

Library patrons and students entered original recipes in a competition hosted by the Joseph F. Smith Library on May 4-5. The aim, according to competition organizer and Library Cataloger Margie Tuttle, was to expose students to the variety of cookbooks and food preparation helps available in the libraries vast catalog.

“We wanted to encourage them to get ideas to try different meals and to be better chefs,” said Tuttle.

Tuttle explained how being a mother makes her particularly aware of college students needs and wants to make sure they get taken care of and get plenty of good food.

Along with the help of other library staff, Tuttle and crew assembled a booth that included some of the cookbooks available at the library, helpful tips hints, and a little quiz game with “sweets” prizes including cookies and candies. The booth also had a container for the recipe competition submissions.

Twelve recipes were submitted during the two days the booth was open in the libraries main entrance lobby.

Of the 12, five were selected as the victorious recipes. Along with having their recipes posted in the library’s main lobby, the winners received a catering bag and two Rubbermaid containers.

“I know Margie had worked hard to set up such an awesome activity, so I wanted to support her,” said Kaelin Tumblin, a sophomore from Utah majoring in psychology who submitted a winning enchilada recipe. “I also love this recipe and wanted to share it because it is simple, easy and yummy!”

Her enchilada recipe only asks for four ingredients and has five easy steps.

She continued, “I typically don't think of the library as a place I can go to find cookbooks, but now I know I can find those in the library if I need them!”

The other participants received consolation prizes of a single Rubbermaid container.

“Honestly the container made it worth it,” said Daniel Lewis, a junior from Washington majoring in accounting. “When I first passed the booth I just stopped for the snacks, but then when I saw the competition I thought of some recipes I know and use quite a bit.

“I’m just sad the selection committee didn’t feel as passionately about my biscuits and gravy like I do,” said Lewis jokingly.

Tuttle said she doesn’t have any specific plans for featuring any of the library’s other catalogs, but she said she encourages students to explore the “wealth of words” that can be found in the book stacks available to them.

Tuttle emphasized, “Since this is more of an academic library, [students] probably don’t know we have recipe books. So as well as academic there is also the fun part.”

Date Published: 
Monday, July 10, 2017
Last Edited: 
Monday, July 10, 2017