A love that keeps growing

Written by: 
Emily Hals ~ Multimedia Journalist

For Brother and Sister Fuller, it was love at first sight. Brother Fuller wasn’t a member of the church at the time they met, but he often would attend church with his sister, who was a member. Sister Fuller was giving a talk in her ward one day when Brother Fuller decided to attend. When Sister Fuller got up to speak, Brother Fuller turned to his sister and asked, “Who is that girl speaking?” After the church meeting concluded, Brother and Sister Fuller were formally introduced and went on their first date a few days later. Immediately, the young couple felt a connection. They dated throughout the summer, and when Sister Fuller came home for Thanksgiving, Brother Fuller announced his decision to get baptized. They were married in the temple a year and a half later in 1968.

Both couples agreed that the key to a lasting relationship is to marry your best friend. “Find things you enjoy doing together,” said Sister Pollock. When selecting an eternal companion, Sister Fuller advised, “Marry someone that brings out the best in you and make sure you bring out the best in him. Treat your woman like a queen, and she will treat you equally as good.”