Make Dating Great Again: Fun cheap date ideas for students on Oahu

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Jordan Cortez

Dates that are spontaneous, creative and active are the best Oahu dates, according to BYU-Hawaii students.


“Anything spontaneous is so fun. If you see a guy on the side of the road selling pickled mangos and you’ve never had pickled mangos before, go try them. Relaxed, fun dates are always the best,” said Megan Riley, a sophomore from California studying accounting.


Max Moncur, a junior from California studying finance, said he loves fun and creative dates. “One of my favorite date ideas is getting finger painting supplies, hiking to a good lookout spot and painting the sunset as you watch it.  You can compare pictures afterwards, and they are usually pretty funny.”


One of Moncur’s favorite places to watch the sunset is the Pu’u O Mahuka Heiau State Historic Site located right next to Waimea Bay Park.  “You drive up to the top, and then it’s just a couple of minutes walk to the edge of the mountain.”


Riley stated all of her favorite dates she has been on throughout her life have been when she gets to learn something new. While living on Oahu, she has learned new things with dates like playing the ukulele and surfing.


Danna Usevitch, a sophomore from Arizona studying math education, said a simple date students could do in Laie is making ice cream.


She gave instructions for making ice cream. “Get a good Ziploc bag and fill it up with the ice cream ingredients. Close the bag tight then reinforce it with another bag. Find a larger bag, bucket or large can that can be closed up. Fill that one halfway with ice and a little salt then put your smaller ice cream bag inside.


“To mix the ice cream up and get it cold, you’ll have to move the container around, so this is the fun part. The more creative, the better. You can throw the ice bag around, roll the bucket around or whatever you want to do to get your ice cream all mixed up. Make a game out of it. You’ll notice your ice cream get firm and then you are ready to eat to your soul’s delight.”


Moncur said another free date would be watching the firework show in Waikiki. “Every Friday the Hilton Hawaiian Village puts on a 15-minute firework show for their guests, but the show can be seen from so many places in Waikiki. The show starts at 7:45 p.m. so go a little early. If you want to be really creative, rent some paddle boards and watch it while floating in the water.”


Riley said her most favorite date she has ever been on was stargazing. “We drove out to Kaena Point on a clear night, then walked to the little gate they had. About half a quarter mile in there was some trees [where] we set up a hammock. It gave me a good chance to get to know them and talk, unlike if we had just watched a movie.”


Trey Workman, a sophomore from Arizona studying psychology, said he loves going on hikes for dates. “If they are not experienced hikers, that is totally fine. There are so many easy hikes around the island, like the Lanikai Pillboxes. It is a great way to talk as you walk and get to know the person. I also love to create games during the hike or ask about funny stories they might have.”


Workman said no matter what, a date will always be fun if it is something simple and gives the couple an opportunity to talk while doing an activity together.

Date Published: 
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, December 12, 2017