Making time to be a temple worker

Written by: 
Zeek Cheng

Although being a temple worker for four to six hours a week may seem like a struggle for a busy college student, BYU-Hawaii students shared how they feel blessed from making time to work at the temple.

Tomoyuki Akiyama, a freshman from Japan studying finance, said his primary concern about being a temple worker was his schedule. “It’s hard to incorporate it with my class schedule. I could only do it on Saturdays, but I wanted to hang out with my friends on that day and I was worried about not being able to be consistent in going every week.”

Ping Liu, a TESOL alumni from China, said she had the same concern. “I’m a perfectionist and I want all A’s for my classes. I was thinking that being a temple worker might affect my time to study. I was also doubting my spirituality, wondering if I was ready for it.”

Liu said the way she overcame their doubts was to take action and stop worrying. “I just stepped out and took the action. I made the commitment and decided to be a temple worker. It’s actually easier than I thought.”

Akiyama said he decided to be a temple worker because he realized he needed extra help from God with his studies. “I have been struggling with studying English. I felt like I hit my limit and can’t improve anymore. Then the idea of being a temple worker came to me.”

For those struggling to make time to be a temple worker, Mary Deyro, a junior from the Philippines studying psychology, shared her experience. “When I register for classes, I make sure to space out six hours before or after 4 p.m. so I can work at the temple. And I plan specifically on what needs to be done in each time period.

“If you want to do it, just do it. It’s a righteous desire and Heavenly Father will help you arrange your time.”

Liu added, “A temple worker told me once, ‘You don’t choose to go to the temple because you are free, you do it because the Lord has blessed you with the opportunity.’”

She said she prioritized her temple shift in her schedule too. “When working at Hale Aloha, I requested a permanent day-off from my manager so I could work at the temple.”

Deryo said she has seen the blessings of being a temple worker in her own life. “I feel like I am always able to get everything done on time. My shift is in the middle of the week so it makes me feel calm. It’s like another Sunday in the middle of the week.”

Akiyama added it’s a miracle how he has time to be a temple worker, do an additional endowment session, hang out with friends, date and study. “And my concentration skills have improved, and I started to understand English better.”

Liu said the temple helps her relax, especially during finals week. “There is no temple yet in China, so I cherish the temple. It’s a unique place to have a temple very close by. I wanted to take all the opportunities for my spiritual growth.”

Akiyama said, “If you desire more blessings or you’re are struggling, be a temple worker.  I have received many blessings personally.”

Date Published: 
Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Last Edited: 
Wednesday, January 3, 2018