Man arrested for DUI while driving a lawnmower

Written by: 
Alyssa Walhood~Multimedia Journalist

A western Penmsylvania man, Thomas Marrone, was charged with driving under the influence [DUI] while driving his riding lawnmower at 1:30 a.m. on Aug. 30, reported the Associated Press. Marrone himself calls himself ‘idiotic’ on CBS Pittsburgh.

An average, a lawnmower goes about 5-6 miles per hour, says the Lowes Home Improvement website.

Jesse Oliva, a senior in business management from Maryland, said, “He was probably disturbing his neighbors. I mean it’s 1:30 in the morning and everyone can hear your lawnmower.”

Amy Dilg, a TESOL education junior from Oregon, said, “I would assume it had more to do with him being drunk than driving his lawnmower.”

Marrone had been arrested for a DUI in December of 2010 while driving his truck, reported CBS Pittsburgh.

Marrone told reporters in the latest incident, he had decided to drive his lawnmower instead of his truck to keep from getting another DUI.

“I thought I was too drunk to drive,” Marrone said to CBS Pittsburgh.

“I think the police are wasting their time,” said Oliva. “They should be busting drug dealing kids and other things of that nature.”