Mark MacDonald: Embrace the power of 'yet,' don't fake it till you make it

Written by: 
Nathan Graham

Mark McDonald, the director of Alumni & Career Services at BYU-Hawaii, advised the Alliance of Marketing Professionals and Students Club to market themselves with authenticity while applying the word “yet” in interviews or personal growth.


“Embrace the power of ‘yet,’” advised McDonald at the Oct. 25 event. “If you are ever tempted to say 'I can’t' or 'I don’t know' in an interview, have the courage to add ‘yet.’ Say, ‘I might not be able to do it yet, but let me tell you what I can do.’”


McDonald explained the idea of “yet” is simple. He said all individuals are children of God, and as such they have infinite potential.


He continued to share how there is nothing that someone can’t do today that one day they won’t be able to do. “The empowering truth is that through faith in Jesus Christ, everyone can grow and progress.”


“As you recognize the power of ‘yet’ in yourself and others, you will be so much more giving and willing to work with other people and love them.”


Gabriela Porras, a senior in business marketing, explained how understanding the power of “yet” has helped her to gain a different perspective on herself as well as others. “Not only is ‘yet’ a beneficial when marketing yourself, but also in thinking about everyone that surrounds us. Far too often we think of others as ‘cant’s,’ but we should think of them as a ‘yet,’” said Porras.


“You can make it for about five minutes on charisma and then you better have some skills,” said McDonald, as he explained the hallmark of a strong leader is someone that recognizes their shortcomings and inadequacies.


McDonald began by highlighting the dangers of faking it until you make it. He said, “I am not an expert and when I come and speak to you, it would be a lie to present myself as such. It’s the same for you, as a professional, to present yourself as a know it all.”


Honesty is the number one trait expected in leaders across cultures, McDonald stated. Businesses and interviewers are always looking for individuals who are real or honest about themselves, including being honest about their shortcomings.


He explained how one of the most powerful tools in marketing yourself is the ability to grow and become something more.


Zach Hail, a junior in business marketing and the president of the AMPS Club, explained the purpose of inviting Mark McDonald to speak was because the club is focused on self-marketing. “We are doing these workshops to help benefit our future by being more proficient in our understanding of what we should do as professionals.


“[This] falls in line with our purpose in the AMPS Club, which is to help marketing students get real world experience while still in school. For example, a few years back we got to do marketing research for the Vans Triple Crown Surf Competition and hope to have some similar opportunities this year.”

Date Published: 
Monday, November 13, 2017
Last Edited: 
Monday, November 13, 2017