McKay Lecture by Jim Lee to focus on integrity and technology

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Helam Lau

This year’s McKay Lecture will be given by Dr. Jim Lee, whose presentation is titled “Integrity: The Key to Trust (in Business and in Life).” He summarized, “I am going to talk about the advancement in technology in my lifetime and the opportunities that those have provided us both good and bad.”

Lee, the dean of the College of Business, Computing, and Government, will present at the CAC on Feb. 13.

Two feelings came to Lee upon hearing he was selected: “Humble that the faculty would nominate me, and it is a special honor to speak in the McKay Lecture. The second thought was there was a lot of work.”

Chiung Chen, the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) chairperson, explained the speaker is selected by nomination of fellow faculty members. “We sent out announcements asking faculty to nominate someone who is a good teacher, scholar, and has made contribution to the university. Afterwards, the FAC council selects one from the list of nomination.”

Lee recalled with a laugh, “I recognized how much work goes in preparing a devotional back in 2012. I told my wife this was a great experience. Doing it for one time is okay. I asked myself, ‘Are you ready to go through that level of work again?’”

He joked, “I said yes to speak but over the past year, I was thinking maybe I should have not.”

Speaking of how he came up with the topic, he said, “Integrity is a part of it. I teach a lot about technology and how and why it is used. There are lots of wonderful things as a result of technology. However, you can use it in a negative way. For us, it is our personal integrity. What do we do when we are presented with opportunity to use technology in a negative way? Do we embrace and pursue it? Or we choose to remain our personal integrity, despite if is for business, church, or family reasons.

“You can find anything you are looking for in the internet. There are things we should never download to our personal devices, but it is a choice. The greatest thing Heavenly Father has given us is agency. We made wrong choices for sure, but hopefully we learn from it and make improvements.”

The McKay Lecture has been held yearly in February since 1963 with a goal of recognizing a BYUH professor for their outstanding performance as a teacher and a scholar, said Chen. It “encourages scholar exchange and sharing of knowledge in respective fields. Students can know what their professors are doing in addition to teaching. We are also engaging in scholarly work.”

She said, “The McKay Lecture is more scholarly - different from a normal devotional. The main point is to share knowledge of the world in the field we are working in. Meanwhile, we incorporate spirituality in it to help us to be a good scholar. The speaker has one year to prepare. At this year’s lecture, we will announce the next year’s speaker.”

John Bell, vice president of Academics, said, “I think students would have the same benefit from the McKay Lecture as they attend devotional. It is still gospel-oriented. I strongly encourage students to attend it. Just come at the same time as usual devotional.”

Date Published: 
Monday, February 12, 2018
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Monday, February 12, 2018