Missionaries at Academic Support Office are here to help students succeed

Written by: 
Matt Roberts ~ Multimedia Journalist

The new Academic Support Office on campus, located in the Library Room 124,
has been created to help BYU-Hawaii students excel in the classroom, have successful experiences while also preparing for success in their future careers, said missionaries working in the office.

“Our responsibility is to direct students to resources that will help them. But we find most students need a listening ear, encouragement, and support. We are really here to help students,” said Sister Linton, one of the four full-time missionaries in the Academic Support Office. “We find that it is important that we build their confidence and help them start believing in themselves so that they can maximize their potential.”

Sister Linton is joined by Sister Stephan and Elder and Sister Bott as the senior missionaries working in the Academic Support Office. They said they have each been called and set apart specifically to work on this assignment.

The BYU-Hawaii administration created the office to help students manage their time, deal with finances, or learn how to get by now that they are on their own, said the missionaries. They said college life can be a great experience in a person’s life, but it can also be one of the most challenging times as well. On an internationally diverse campus like BYUH, these problems are more evident as students come from different countries and cultures and living thousands of miles from home. With these various factors, it is easy to see how students can become overwhelmed, the missionaries said. Their purpose is simply to help students succeed.

Resources available at the Academic Support office include coaching, peer mentoring, tutoring, and online student help.

“When a student comes in, we have them fill out an assessment paper so that we can understand how to better help them,” said Elder Bott, who said the missionaries are there to point students in the right direction no matter what the problem may be.

“We loved the students even before we arrived here,” said Sister Bott.

The four senior missionaries said they are striving to create a comfortable, loving, and upbeat atmosphere making students feel like they are family. “Students have felt safe and comfortable coming in and opening up to us, and we invite all of them to do so,” said Sister Linton.

The Academic Support Office staff said they also direct students to a free student success website, “Student Lingo,” at www.studentlingo.com/byuh.