Mom posts drinking mocktails with kids online, police show up at her door

Written by: 
Robinia Tan~Multimedia Journalist

A Massachusetts mom’s “mocktail” gets her in trouble with Salem police when a video her 5-year-old pretending to be a superhero drinking beer causes people to report her to local authorities, reports BYU-Hawaii said if they saw a similar video online posted by someone they know, they would either talk to them or call the police or child protective services.

Bonnie Berry, a junior majoring in HTM from California, said she wouldn’t joke about something like that. “I will probably call the police or child protective services, but only if I know the person,” she added. “If I don’t know that person, than I won’t bother with it.”

The mother, Taylor Grey, said when she answered the door, she was surprised to find a police officer in front of her house acting on a complaint they received about Grey serving alcoholic beverages to her kids, report Yahoo! News. However, what the police found was not alcoholic beverages but “homemade fruit smoothies” that Grey occasionally makes for her kids. She said she adds “a bit of ginger ale to the mix to make it look like a mock cocktail,” reports

Grey said it a family tradition. She and her kids has a cocktail time where “they feel like they’re grownup and like it’s a party and we let them choose their garnish.” She then posted a video in Facebook of her son,
Dylan, drinking a “beer” and pretending to be a superhero. However, she never thought the video would spark a visit from their local police.

The police said they received an anonymous call that informed them of a mother, which is Grey, giving alcoholic drink to underage kids. The officer, Lieutenant Marc Berube, who visited the Grey’s house, said he found nothing alcoholic and only sawthe kids drinking “a bubbly strawberry non-alcoholic drink.” Officer Berube said, “There was no evidence alcohol was being served. It was ginger ale, laced with some strawberry.”

Grey said she has no idea who would have reported her to the police, but from now on she said she will refer to the cocktails as mocktails to avoid another misunderstanding.

Hector Periquin, a sophomore majoring in ICS from the Philippines, said if he was a friend with the mother, then he will probably “talk to her.” If he does not know her, then he will call child protective services. “I believe that child protective services can better handle [the case] than the police.”