From Mongolia to Utah to BYU-Hawaii: Tsetsgee "Flora" Enkhbold shares her story

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Tomson Cheang
Flora Enkhold said she had dreamed of attending BYU-Hawaii since she was a young child.


With her eyes set on BYU-Hawaii, Tsetsgee "Flora" Enkhold, a freshman from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia majoring in business management, is motivated by her desire to serve others, her home country, and spread the gospel.

High school life

Enkhbold first took an online class from BYUH at age 14. She recalled a typical day for her when she was in high school. “I got up at 5:30 a.m. every day. Seminary started at 6:30 a.m. and school started at 8 a.m. After school finished at 1:30 p.m., I had to rush to catch a bus stop to church. I needed to use a computer for my BYUH online class.”

Enkhbold’s family joined the church together when she was 10. She shared how she “didn’t want to go to the places” her schoolmates would go that would compromise the standards of the gospel.

“Others followed the flow because they didn’t want to be left out,” Enkhbold said. “But the church has taught me standards and this life is not just about following the flow. I didn’t want to compromise those standards to join their groups just not to be left out.”

Given little social life, Enkhold said she spent her extra personal time on reading, literature, and studying. She not only participated in English and Mathematics Olympiad, but also wrote poems in Mongolian. She participated in a high school poetry competition in her district, in which she won third place.

“When I went into a bookstore, sometimes I would spend two hours reading a book to decide whether I should buy it. It’s hard just judge a book by its cover. I wanted to figure out the worth of the book, ” Enkhbold recalled with a smile. “After reading for two hours, sometimes I don’t buy it.”


After graduating from high school, Enkhbold served a mission in Logan, Utah. When asked about why she decided to serve a mission, Enkhbold said because the area she grew up in didn’t have a spiritual environment, she wanted share the gospel with others.

While people think about grassy plain when it comes to Mongolia, Enkhbold explained she’s actually from the capital city of Mongolia and she lived near downtown. “The environment of the neighborhood didn’t have much good influence on me. I thought about goals, but I didn’t know what my goal was,” recalled Enkhbold.

It was the gospel of Jesus Christ that helped Enkhbold find her goal. She explained, “A lot of people think everything will just disappear after they die, so they do whatever they want in this life. But the Church helped me see the eternal blessings and how far our lives can go. I want to share this message with them.”

Enkhbold said her parents are good people and she loves her family. But she understands that “missionaries are people who leave their families for two years so that others can be with their families for eternity.”

Enkhbold shared how she struggled to find a goal to center her life around while growing up. Eventually, it was the gospel of Jesus Christ that helped her find her goal.

One of Enkhbold’s mission companion, Adrianna Plemons, said the most impressive thing about Enkhbold is her example of selflessness and love. Plemons recalled, “We were driving down these old dirt roads of Franklin, Idaho, and I remember my dear friend look over at me and she bore me her testimony of Jesus Christ.

“She didn’t know but all that day I had wondered if I mattered or if Jesus Christ cared about me. And as she bore her testimony I was overcome with the spirit and I knew that my Savior lived and that He loved me. There aren’t words to describe how much I love my dear friend.” 

“I love[d] every day, every minute, and every second of my mission. Now I still think and reflect on it every day. I love God,” shared Enkhbold.

Hope for future

After Enkhbold’s mission, her dream of attending BYUH came true. She started as a freshman in the 2018 Fall Semester. Her major is business management - human resource & organizational behavior track.

When asked about her plan after graduating from BYUH, Enkhbold said she wants to go back to her country and contribute to it. She explained, “There are many opportunities that haven’t been discovered yet. There are many kinds of business that haven’t been started in Mongolia yet.”

With a smile, Enkhbold shared her “ultimate goal” is to sustain herself financially so that she can have free time to write.

Diana Bautista, a friend of Enkhbold and a freshman from the Philippines studying business management, said she has a sweet spirit within her, she has strong faith, lovers her family, and values her culture.

“After hearing her story, I can really tell that she's going to be successful in whatever she will do in her life,” said Bautista.


Date Published: 
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
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Tuesday, October 30, 2018