More than 600 students party with pizza and lights at opening social

Written by: 
Danna Osumo

Students gathered together for music, dancing, and free pizza at the BYUHSA Pizza Party opening social on Friday, March 12. Held in the Aloha Center Ballroom, students said the activity was a great opportunity to have fun and show excitement for the beginning of semester.

Tyler Pisciotta, representative of the BYUH student events committee and a sophomore biochemistry major from Nevada, was happy with the turnout. “This was the best turnout we ever had at a dance. We had over 600 students come which is almost a fourth of the student population,” said Pisiotta.

He said it was successful because they had “ordered a ton of pizza” and “had a really good DJ, and so more and more people started showing up.”

“It’s a great way to make friends,” said Rachel Chambers, an undeclared freshman from Utah. She said forming friendships with others at school is important because they can help you have a good time despite the stress of school.

Bryce Nattress, a sophomore undeclared major from Idaho, was impressed by the diversity of the music. “It was cool to see the craziness in everybody that they don’t show in class,” said Nattress.

“A lot of people attended this dance, which made it more fun,” said Rica Revillo, a freshman business management major from the Philippines.

Paul Barcera, a senior buisness marketing major from Guam, enjoyed the “large selection of pizza” and said he thinks it was able to gather the interest of a lot people.

Piciotta encouraged everyone to attend the upcoming dances because “the dances this semester will be even bigger and better.”

The next dance will be the Spring Fling dance on Friday, April 15, from 9pm to midnight. It will include two dance floors and a karaoke room.

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