Naoto and Ruisa Inamori share their three-year love story

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Gosuke Kawano
Naoto Inamori, a sophomore studying information systems, said his diligent efforts and inspiration allowed him to tie the knot with his wife, Ruisa, who just finished high school in Japan and is now working in Kualoa Ranch. 
Naoto said he saw her for the first time at a Tokyo single adult conference. He said he admired her from a distance and waited for a chance to approach her. “What attracted me the most was how pure and clean she was,” said Naoto. “She was more beautiful than just cute.”      
Naoto said he managed to get her contact information through Ruisa’s friend and asked her to go on a date. The two lived in cities almost 300 miles apart, so for their first date Naoto gave Ruisa a tour of his hometown of Osaka. After the tour, Inamori said they kept in touch through email, then eventually started Skyping.  
Ruisa said the more time they spent getting to know each other, the stronger they fell for each other. She said she was interested in having a relationship with him, but he said he didn’t have any intention to get serious with anyone before his mission.  
Ruisa said, “He is very sensible in things he does such as managing money, and planning to name a few. So I thought if I got married to this person, he would work hard and be trustworthy.”   
Naoto said he thought about the time he spent with her and decided it would be worthwhile to take their relationship more seriously. “I felt she might be someone I can keep having a thing going with after my mission.” 
Naoto then went to BYU-Hawaii for a semester before leaving for the Sendai Mission in Japan. Before he left, the couple mutually decided to break up. Naoto said they emailed each other every week without any serious romantic context. Naoto said, “I wanted to keep her by my side, so I wrote to her every week.”  
Before retuning from his mission, Naoto wrote to Ruisa the day and time he would like to meet at the temple. He met up with her with his name tag still on and the two attended a session together with both sets of parents. 
Naoto said he told Ruisa a week later he wanted to take her the Disneyland in Tokyo, where he would later express his desire to get back together and work towards a temple marriage. Naoto recalled, “When I went out with her the first time after my mission, I felt that I would marry this person, and I have been planning for the marriage budget since then.”  
A friend, Kodai Otahara, a sophomore human resources major from Japan, said, “They are a very lovely couple who celebrate their wedding anniversary every month!” His wife Aoi, a Japanese tour guide, said, “It is so obvious to see how much Naoto loves Ruisa.” 
Naoto returned to BYUH and maintained a seven-month long-distance relationship before they got engaged. 
Ruisa said she already knew he was going to ask her to marry him, but she “was happy to hear his decision of taking the next step with me. I also got embarrassed to see how hard he was trying to choose the right words to say to me.”
The Inamoris were married in the Japan Tokyo Temple on March 5, 2016 and now live at TVA. The couple said they plan to move to Tokyo, Japan where Naoto hopes to get a job at an IT company after graduating.
Date Published: 
Wednesday, April 12, 2017
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Note: This story was featured in the April 2017 print issue.