New pavilion built between the hales promotes social atmosphere on campus, say students

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Hannah Jones

A new white pavilion was built in place of the old tennis courts between Hales 3 and 5 and Hales 4 and 6, which students believe will create a more social environment on campus.


Renae Liufau, a freshman from Washington majoring in elementary education, likes the the idea of the new pavilion as a gathering place. She said, “I think it's good because it's a good gathering area for events and stuff.”


Liufau joked, “Another place for couples to meet and,” using air quotes, “communicate.”


Will Krueger, a sophomore from New Zealand majoring in social work, said, “I think it's pretty sick. It's a new place for us to chill and kickback.” Though he’s excited to use the new pavilion, he described its appearance as “kind of whack.”


Even Bryndie Danforth, a freshman from Utah majoring in exercise science, said, “I thought it was a circus tent when it was being built.”


Madison Smith, a freshman from Washington majoring in TESOL, said, “I think the new pavilion will be a great place for everyone to get together.”


Though most of those interviewed like the pavilion, they were annoyed with it when it was under construction. “The construction was so loud,” said Smith. Danforth said, “I’m glad that the pavilion has been completed because now I can sleep instead of being woken up by construction.”


While it was being constructed, Krueger said he thought to himself, “‘There better be something cool being built there because it seemed to be taking a while.’”


The structure “adds to the chill vibe,” said Krueger. “I already see a lot of people hanging over there.”


While Liufau liked the gathering spot it provided, she has mixed feelings about it. “I think in a way it’s beneficial for kids to get together and for passing through hales, but I also think they could’ve used it as a better resource.” She suggested the space could’ve been used to build another hale to help those students who struggle to find housing.


“Or another food area,” she added. “It would be nice; the cafe is kind of far for other kids. Not that it’s a bad idea, just that it could’ve been used for better.”


Danforth reasoned the pavilion was a benefit for other students because it provides a space for them to congregate and socialize. She said, “Personally, I’m indifferent to it being there. I feel like there's plenty of other things they could put money towards.”


In general, the students said they don’t believe the pavilion would be a good place to have school dances. Krueger opined, “I reckon it’s worth having a try for a dance out there, but dances are usually better indoors [because you] can never be sure about the sketchy weather.”


Smith said, “I don’t really think having dances at the pavilion would be that great, it’s a small area.” Danforth added, “I feel like we don’t need a canopy thing to have a dance. People are going to go to the dances because other people are going.”


Sharing his thoughts on how to use the pavilion, Krueger said, “It looks like a place to chill and talk with the homies. I've seen some kids skating there, which is tight.


“It seems like a nice addition and better than having those old tennis courts there.” He laughed and said, “As long as I don’t hear any Ed Sheeran blasting out of there, it’s good.” Smith mentioned the noise level outside of the hales will increase because people will gather around the pavilion.


Liufau said, “I think it would be fun, because it's a nice setup for a social thing, but at the same time I’d hate to have to be in one of the hales right next to it when its going on.”


Kruger mentioned, “Props to the school for the idea and providing this space for us.”

Date Published: 
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, February 20, 2018