New Social Work Club seeks to give service opportunities to all students, not just social work majors

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Gosuke Kawano

President of the Social Work Club, Alysha Gurr, a senior from Calgary, Canada, majoring in social work, said she started the club hoping to provide service opportunities to students at BYU-Hawaii, regardless of their major.


She said, “We used to be the club that was basically only for social work students, but we decided to move to an on-campus club so we could expand and have a bigger outreach and have the option for more than just social work majors.”


Sheyanne Lyn Petrovich, a senior from Oregon majoring in social work, said, “I would like students to just get out of their comfort zone, try new things, help people, and don’t stick to your own circle of friends. This club can help you gain confidence in working with people and cultures in which you aren’t familiar. I would love to see students branch out and look past themselves.”


In addition to the club’s goal, Petrovich, who served as a secretary for the Social Work Club, said she hoped to help more students become aware of what social work is all about.


Another important vision she has for the club is “help people realize that there is opportunity to serve all around them,” Petrovich said. “You don’t even have to be social worker to do social work.”


She said through this club, she would like to “strengthen the bond between community and university.”


Aubree Hunter, a junior from Utah majoring in social work and the vice president of the club, said, “I would like to see the students in the club really come to enjoy the service opportunities we provide and realize that service can be creative and fun when done with others.


“I want them to feel like they have somewhere they can go to start thinking of others and make a difference,” she concluded.


Gurr explained what makes the club unique is that the Social  Work Club offers various activities that involve people.


Gurr said she hopes the activities provided by the club gives students a taste of what social workers do.


Gurr said her interest in social work was sparked when she lived outside of her home country teaching English in China and the Ukraine.


Hunter said, “Social work is important to me because my best friend growing up dealt with severe family issues with her parents getting divorced, seeing both of her parents go in and out of rehab, and having her mom get turned in for neglect. [My best friend] and her six siblings were put to foster care, but with the help of social workers, they were able to reunite the family. … I want to help people and show them their potential and hopefully have people turn out like my best friend.”


Petrovich said, “Social work matters to me because it is about taking care of each other. Each one of us is a son or daughter of God and social work is about giving all people the chance to succeed.”

Date Published: 
Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, March 13, 2018