New student orientation welcomes hundreds to BYUH

Written by: 
Jessica Tautfest ~ Multimedia Journalist

A new fall semester welcomed hundreds of fresh new faces to campus. New Student Orientation (NSO) welcomed hundreds of new students this semester with a week full of activities to adjust to their first semester at BYU-Hawaii.

Wednesday kicked off the orientation with the academic fair, cultural shock workshop and Pilialoha Night.

Freshman Brando Barron from Calif. said, “Pilialoha night was super entertaining. It was great to play games and meets lots of cool people. I also got to check out all the different nations flags while there, I had never even seen some of those flags before,”

Thursday featured One Stop Student Services in the Aloha Ballroom and PCC tours, followed by Ho’ika Night talent show.

“Touring the PCC was my favorite part,” shares freshman Nicki Thornhill from Arizona, “the pacific cultures are interesting and I liked learning about the culture of people I am going to school with and people who helped make BYU-Hawaii what it is today,”

Raena Lopez, a freshman from Texas, said she was excited to see the musical talents at the talent show and collaborate on some music with her fellow classmates. Lopez said, “The talent show was really funny! I liked seeing the different talents of people, and seeing who I can go have a jam session with for this year!”

Student’s seemed to feel a lot more comfortable with Friday’s Ice Cream Social and official welcome as they were seen excitedly conversing in small groups in the Aloha Center.

Freshman Sophia Hutchison from Michigan said, “All the things that I went to for orientation really helped me to get to know the campus better and it was kind of like a preview for what this semester was going to be like.”

Orientation ended with the Circle Island tour on Saturday, giving students a chance to see parts of the island they might not get to see other wise. “This is my first time to Hawaii. Going on the bus tour of the island was good for me to see more of what it is like here. I liked going to Pearl Harbor and visiting the museums and talking to other tourists,” said Mar Bagol, freshman from Philippines.

Overall, the purpose of NSO was to help students adjust to their new college lives and students felt it was a success. Anna Larson, a freshman from Georgia said with a smile, “I made a lot of new of friends this past week and I am now more excited to start the new school year than before orientation.”