Newest buildings on campus are students' most favorite

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Helam Lau
BYUH Construction

Plans to construct a new cafeteria, courtyard, hales, and math and science building have BYU-Hawaii students talking about the status of buildings already constructed.


Jason Chang, a sophomore from Taipei majoring in graphic design, said the most important thing for the new buildings is cleanliness, which is why he prefers the library and HGB.  said, “They are the cleanest and the newest. … GCB is not clean at all.


“I am looking forward to the new construction plan as it is always great that more resources are provided. The key is to always keep it clean.”


Rebecca Rodrigues, a junior from Iowa majoring in marine biology, said the library and HGB are her favorite places on campus and spends the most of her time at them. “They are the newest buildings, providing me with a really good working environment. I really enjoy the atmosphere even though the AC was freezing at times.”


However, Chang said, “The AC in the library is extremely cold. It is so crazy. They said books and equipment have to be reserved in a cold temperature. I don’t think it has to be that cold though.”


Rodrgiues said her favorite place on campus is Hale 10, where she lives. “A computer lab is on the third floor. Whenever I want to print something or do homework, I would just go up there if I don’t have time to go to library. After I have done homework for a long time, I can just go back to my room and change my clothes to work.


“I don’t have to go from one facility to another one. Everything is already found in the hale. I would not want to go anywhere else but the hale.”


Johnson Yu, a sophomore from Hong Kong majoring in exercise and sports science, suggested some changes for the sports facilities offered on campus.


“The facilities, especially the lights and ceiling in the gym room, are really old and need to change to some new ones. The gym room is too small.


“Since the sports teams no longer exist, the courts haven’t been used to their potential. It is such a waste–more activities could be held to fully utilize the space.”


James Brown, head architect for Campus Planning & Construction, said all the new construction projects are aimed to improve the BYU-Hawaii facilities. “The spending on facilities is an investment towards the students,” he said. “Hundreds of hours are put into deciding the designs and functionality of buildings.”

Date Published: 
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017