#OurCultureOurHonor photo contest

Written by: 
Haeley van der Werf
Students are encouraged to submit photos that portray their culture.


The Student Advisory Council plans to help students “engage and apply” the values they learn at BYU–Hawaii, according to Ethan Allred, a business management junior from Vermont. Students will be judged based on relevance, quality, creativity, and standards. Submissions will be accepted from Nov. 2 through Nov. 21.

Allred is the head of the competition, according to the SAC. He said the idea to have a photo competition was an idea they had always thought about doing.

He explained when he joined the SAC at the beginning of the semester, he stepped up and suggested they do the competition for real. “It will help us see how students interpret and apply the Honor Code. What does it really mean to them?”

As students walk through the Aloha Center, they will recognize the colorful posters on the wall with students explaining why the Honor Code is important to them. Allred explained how competition is similar to that project, but they wanted students to be more engaged this year in the creative process.

The SAC website said, “The Student Honor Team is pleased to announce #OurCultureOurHonor photo contest! All students may participate. All participants will receive a gift card for one free malasada from Penny's Malasadas. The overall winner will receive a Grand Trunk Hammock and second place will receive a 24 oz Hydroflask!  All you have to do is be creative, capture the theme of culture and honor as a picture.”

The SAC Facebook page said, “Share your creativity with us! Take a picture of something that reminds you of your culture and honor. Submit it and get a free malasada gift card and other possible prizes!”

Monique Saenz, the official photographer of BYUH, said she believes having the competition is a good way to get students involved. “Any kind of art, like photography, has a powerful way of communicating and expressing [the artist’s] voice.”

Allred explained the competition was a continuation of the larger goal of the SAC. “It is another way for us to connect with the students. It is an opportunity for students to compete and focus on their creativity.”

Students who will see the images will be moved by the things they see, according to Saenz. “People always say an image can say a thousand words. The viewers are always able to see a visual image and relate or feel something. Photography has that power.”

Allred said he hopes students will participate to be part of the community and to showcase their creativity.

For students who may be struggling to find inspiration, Saenz suggested, “Look introspectively and find something that has a personal meaning to them. For example, the topic of culture and how it is relative to your identity and the person you are.

“I always think it is nice to have an idea or concept before you start shooting. You might consider creating a narrative, or shooting something they are passionate about, something they have an interest in.”

Saenz suggested students use something which shows their cultural attire, that is modest.

Students can enter the competition by uploading their photos to the SAC Facebook page and tagging it with #OurCultureOurHonor. The winners will be announced on Nov. 23 at 10:30 a.m. in the Aloha Center.


Date Published: 
Sunday, November 11, 2018
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Sunday, November 11, 2018