Outdoors dance provides activity for BYUH students staying over the summer

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Kevin Brown

More than 150 BYU-Hawaii students staying over the summer break were able to chow on free pizza, dance, and relax at the Sliding into Summer Dance. Held in the Little Circle on June 23, Student Leadership, Activities and Service (SLAS) held the event to give students something to do, according to event staff.

Kehaulani Maruhi, a senior social work major from Tahiti and event staff member, said, “It’s a nice event because a lot of people here for the summer can’t leave, and this provides them with an activity to do, and everything here is free!

“Of the people that stay, they tend to work all day. This event reminds them to also have fun during the summer.”

Thomas Johnson, a member of the event staff, said, “Planning during the summer is obviously harder. We usually plan for around 100-300 people to come and attend these events over the summer.”

Johnson, a sophomore studying biomedicine from Utah, said due to the event being held outside, extra considerations and precautions for the event were taken. “We set up a tent for the deejay in case it started to rain. Also, we had to end earlier [because of noise] and had to reserve the space from Facilities Management.” He said they also had plans to set up a volleyball net during the dance as well, but those plans fell through.

At the start of the event, the staff placed Domino’s Pizza behind the deejay next to the road until they realized students were just grabbing pizza and leaving. They then rearranged the tables and attendees had to go in front of the deejay to get the pizza. Event organizers said this was done to get people to dance and to draw people who just wanted free food into the dance atmosphere.

Erik Winegar, a recent BYUH graduate who attended the event, said, “We were just walking by and we saw the tent and came over to grab the free pizza and Otter Pops.”

According to Winegar, Domino’s Pizza made over 34 pizzas for the first half of the event and brought more towards the end.

To stay informed of all upcoming activities during the summer, students can grab a 2017 Summer Activities Calendar in the SLAS office. According to event staff, if a student attends and participates in 12 activities and gets their calendar stamped each time, they can win a prize at the SLAS office located in the Aloha Center.

Date Published: 
Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, July 11, 2017