Participants of the Laie Days musical fireside felt the spirit via songs provided by soloists and choirs

Written by: 
Bruno Maynez

Attendees of the Laie Days fireside, which took place on July 29, expressed their thoughts about how they felt the spirit from the music sung by locals from Laie. Local church members from the Laie North stake participated in the fireside by providing their musical talents.

Speakers, such as President Kingsley Ah You, inspired members to allow the light of Christ to illuminate their lives. Performances from the Po’oi Sisters, Amber Tai Hook & Daughters, and others reflected the words spoken about Christ. According to those who attended, the music was light, relaxing, and spiritual.

Teal Zimmerman, a freshman from Florida majoring in graphic design, said, “The fireside was really awesome because all the singers were members of the Laie community. There was a strong feeling of family and community radiating from the choir, as well as the crowd.”

“In addition to solos and special musical numbers, the primary aged kids, youth, and other members of the congregation would periodically be called up to sing with the choir. Overall, there was a really strong and wonderful sense of community and family.”

Commenting on the sense of community, Erica Alto, a freshman from Finland studying social work, said, “I absolutely loved the fireside. I loved how there were children, youth, and adults singing together. The spirit was really strong during the entire fireside and I loved everything about it.”

Sam Mangakahia, a senior from Australia studying graphic design, said, “The fireside was very spiritually uplifting. I loved how the members were so willing to share their musical talents with us.”

Regarding what he had learned from the fireside, Mangakahia said, “I learned that to be like Christ we need to share our talents and uplift others around us.”

Impressed by the spirit, Zimmerman said, “I felt a strong spirit of unity. The examples that were given by the people who participated, strongly encouraged family and Christ centered homes.”

Mangakahia said, “There isn’t one particular song that stood out but I did love when the members all sang together in unison.” Zimmerman stated, “I loved the ending when the youth stood to sing with the choir. They sang this year’s mutual theme. It had a strong spirit that radiated love of the Savior.”

Alto added, “I would love to have more musical firesides. Of course normal firesides are amazing too, but there's something special about musical firesides. At least for me, I think it's slightly easier to concentrate on my own thoughts and receive revelation while listening to music than listening to a talk.”

Agreeing with Alto, Zimmerman said, “I love music, and I feel like music is one of the easiest and quickest ways to invite the Spirit. So I would love to have more firesides like this. This one stood out to me specifically, because you could tell there had been a lot of planning and practice involved, which I really appreciated.”


Date Published: 
Friday, August 10, 2018
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Friday, August 10, 2018