Patriots make a comeback for the win

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Patrick Campbell
Students from BYU-Hawaii tuned in to watch Super Bowl LI gathering at homes of students and community members to watch the historic comeback of the New England Patriots. 
“I watched the Super Bowl in town with a lot of friends at one of their in-law’s house,” said Lama Fesola'i, a junior from New Zealand majoring in accounting. “The house was definitely backing the Patriots so that was fun for me because I’m a huge Tom Brady fan.”
The New England Patriots, who were playing in their seventh Super Bowl in sixteen years, won their fifth championship defeating the Atlanta Falcons in dramatic fashion 34-28. The game saw several record setting performances including the Patriots’ 25-point comeback to force an overtime.
According to the NFL, a comeback of this scale has never been accomplished in Super Bowl history. 
“The comeback was my favorite part of the game,” said Kevin Cordova, a junior from California studying business finance. Cordova wasn’t rooting for one team in particular, but like many fans he was rooting for a good game. 
Some students like Cordova gathered at homes off campus to watch the games with friends while others streamed the game online. The Super Bowl drew a television audience of 111.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen, a TV audience rating company.
Local Super Bowl parties featured a wide variety of festivities but none were more important than the foods prepared that ranged from main course dishes to appetizers. 
“We had ribs. We had a roast. We had chicken rolls. We had desserts. We had everything,” said Fesola’i. 
Cordova and his friends went to Costco the day before to get food. “We bought two big bags of wings and we got a bunch of chips and salsa. There were only five or six of us so it was pretty chill.”
Other parties had much larger numbers to feed. “There were probably about 30 people at the house I went to watch it at,” said Lauren Miller, a freshman from Arizona majoring in business. Miller added the majority of the people at the party were BYUH students. 
One of the main events of the Super Bowl, besides the game itself, was the Halftime Show. The show often features a prominent music artist, and this year the production was done by Lady Gaga. 
“She did okay. I thought Beyoncé would have been better,” quipped Miller. 
  At the beginning of Lady Gaga’s performance was a display of 300 drones, provided by Intel, forming the shape of the American flag. USA Today reported the drones were individually programmed for their flight patterns at every stage of the performance.  
Date Published: 
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017