Performance Series seeks to meet students needs

Written by: 
Tucker Grimshaw~Multimedia Journalist

Briana Petersen and Kei Riggins, both assistant supervisors at Performance Series on campus, shared some insights on what Performance Series is and what it is like to work there.

Riggins, a senior studying vocal performance from California, said, “Performance Series is under Student Activities and leadership. We basically plan big scale concerts. We try to bring bigger artists that may be known by students internationally but who they would not get a chance to see in their own countries, or that people can’t see on the mainland. It gives them an opportunity to come see concerts for a really, really great price. We try to not go over $5 per student, which is amazing. If you go to a regular venue, it would be $30 or above. We try to bring what the students want!”

Petersen, a senior studying TESOL from Japan, said, “As a Performance Series team, we have a specific stewardship statement, which is about uplifting the students with wholesome entertainment, but also varied concerts. You don’t want to have every concert be reggae. We want to have something that we can really unite the students with, and educate them in the different types of music there are out there because I know that you can get comfortable in what you listen to and then you’re not open to other things. We try our hardest to bring lots of different types of people to our campus. We are looking to bring some reggae but also some electronic music.”

Riggins said, “And it’s not easy. That’s the thing. Our job is really hard. There are so many different types of students here.”
There are three students who plan almost all of the concerts. They include the assistants Riggins and Petersen and Suil Seo, a senior studying business marketing from Korea, who is the supervisor of Performance Series.

Petersen said, “We have three on–call workers, and they assist with us. For our team, we all work on bringing in artists. So we will have to deal with contracts, deal with what they need, and all that stuff. We each have our own individual jobs.” This includes setting up pre-show performers, promotions, and marketing. BYUH pays for performers, lodging, food, and much more, when they come, they said.

Additionally, Performance Series has volunteer positions available. “We are always looking for ushers,” said Petersen. Riggins added, “We want people to get involved. It is always a shock to people” because they do not know what Performance Series entails.

Performance Series employees said they want to hear from the students. They are going to make a suggestion box that will be kept outside their office in the Aloha Center. “If there was one artist that 70 percent of the student population was like, ‘Ya I love them!’ we would definitely would pay more. It’s in our budget.”

“We love our jobs. We love the students, said Riggins. “Volunteering for us is super fun. There are some really great benefits to volunteering. You get a free T-shirt and you can get a ticket to our concert. Food, candy, T-shirt, and fun,” said Riggins.