Popular Spots in Oahu

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Anel Canto

The Byodo-In Temple

Lina Wong, a freshman from California majoring in music, said, “It’s supposed to be a replica of a temple in Japan. By going there, you can better understand the Japanese influence in Hawaii.” She mentioned how the koi ponds and the green scenery depict an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Wong concluded, “It’s a fun and cheap thing to do on the island.”


Maunawili Falls

Mariah Pilling, a junior from Canada majoring in exercise science, said, “It’s like a 40-foot cliff jump. It looks like you’re jumping into a hole, and it has a pretty waterfall. My brother and I used to go a bunch.” She said a famous YouTube star, Devin Graham, went down with them to have a photoshoot at Maunawili Falls. She said, “He did a bunch of cliff jumping shoots over there.” She shared that as she wasn’t too experienced, she “jumped straight,” but others would do backflips off the cliff.


China walls beach

Jordan Sedrick, a junior from California double majoring in psychology and biochemistry, said, “China Walls are really nice because there are no rocks, and it’s super deep. You don't have to worry about hitting anything at the bottom, and you can do crazy tricks off the side. It’s nice not having to worry about the rocks.”


Kaaawa Falls

Sedrick said, “Kaaawa Falls is a really short hike with a pretty waterfall at the end. The waterfall is really tall, and it’s not really far. It’s maybe 20 minutes away from the school, and it’s fun because you have to climb a couple of short waterfalls in order to get to the main one. It’s very jungly, and you climb up a river as well. It will take you like two hours if you go fast.”


Laie point

Isabella Pigley, a senior from California majoring in intercultural peacebuilding, said she enjoys watching the sunrise at Laie Point. “I think it's really pretty even if the clouds are blocking the sun. The colors in the sky look amazing.” She said there are many people who like to jump from the arch right across Laie Point. She also shared how there is a “glass cave” with sea glass collected inside the cave.


Mermaid Caves

Mindy Harter, a junior from California majoring in hospitality and tourism management, said the Mermaid Caves on the West Side could be accessed through a hole in the ground. One can see the sky from the cave, and the sea water coming through the hole in the ceiling of the cave. Harter said, “It was cool to be down there chilling literally like a mermaid. You could touch the top standing and then you can hoist yourself out.” •

Date Published: 
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018