Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Written by: 
Jemesa Snuka


Every Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving, as many as 115 million people will flood the stores nationwide for the shopping spree known as Black Friday and another 164 million will surf the internet during Cyber Monday, according to Since nearly 70 percent of the nation’s population participate in this event three students have provided their own experience and tips on having the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday experience possible.

The shopping experience

Jayden Watson, a senior from California studying peace building, explained, “I remember preparing for Black Friday with my mom after Thanksgiving dinner; going through newspapers, cutting out coupons, and preparing the stack according to which store we would shop at first. We waited in long lines in the cold, but it was always fun because we packed warm drinks, snacks and played games while in line. When I was old enough, I finally went Black Friday shopping with some friends, but it wasn’t the same as with my parents.

Stephanie Gaertner, a senior from Orlando Florida studying TESOL Education said, “I really enjoy Black Friday shopping at the Florida Mall. Another thing is it was fun to people watch, because we were not very serious about gifts. My dad is really interested in electronics, so sometimes we would visit Best Buy and get what he was wanting. I would never go alone. I always went with my aunts, uncles, and my best friend Flavia.”

Was it worth it?

Josh Meyers, a sophomore from Mililani studying art revealed, “Shopping on Black Friday has been a friendly and exciting experience. The experience is different depending on the attitude of the person and who they are with or the deals that they are after. The first time I went, I was with my father and brother. I bought the Nintendo DS, but in other deals I have gotten a lot of clothes, movies and some games.”

 “It is definitely worth it because the sales on Black Friday you can’t get any other time of the year.”

Gaertner explained, “It was worth it to go for the first couple times but because my family was never really that serious, we got what we wanted. For example, one time my dad really wanted a drone and we couldn’t find a drone that was good quality and also fairly inexpensive. We waited for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, and after going to multiple stores we were able to buy my dad a really good drone for a more affordable price. So that trip and getting that gift was worth it.”

Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips

Meyers said because Black Friday deals are good, he suggested making sure “you have a budget. Save in advance for the event because you will be spending a lot of money. Make sure you always go with the right attitude and wake up early. In Hawaii, wake up before the suns out, that way you can stand in line with the locals and listen to them talk story. Remember, Black Friday can be a good time, but other people will always get a little crazy once they are inside the store. That is something you cannot control, so before you go make sure you are prepared.”

Watson mentioned, “Go with a plan, otherwise, it is really hard and it will not really be worth the madness. If you need a good deal on an item you have been saving up for, Black Friday is a good place to get that. If you don’t go with something in mind, it could be a waste of time.  I think Cyber Monday would be more fun for others. You don’t have to face the crowds or the craziness. However, at the same time there is some kind of thrill of going to face the masses.”

Gaertner suggested, “If you are looking to get smaller items and a lot of them, I would suggest you wait. For me it is better to look for big items and search for a few large things, because trying to get a lot of small items like clothes is really hard. Also, if you want to have more name brand items, that can be tough to get what you want.”

“Look where you want those items and how much you want to spend. Just get what you planned, and then after that you will find it really successful.”


Date Published: 
Thursday, November 15, 2018
Last Edited: 
Thursday, November 15, 2018