President Galea‘i is the new Seasider manager from Laie

Written by: 
Dani Castro

“I want to create positive memories for the students and community members, so they can remember the Seasider the same way I remember it growing up.”


Tell us about yourself

“I was born in Fallriver, Massachusetts. My parents were Polynesian entertainers so my family traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast, then Samoa, and lastly, Laie. I am a Laie boy: Kahuku Red Raider for life. My name is President Galea’i, but people call me Prez or Chef Prez. I am married to Kaonoulu Hanohano Galea’i and

we have three children. Our oldest is Viceson who is 19, then our daughter Preeya is 17, and our youngest is Vincent who is 15.


"My stress reliever and hobbies are drawing, playing and creating music, teaching the art of Samoan fire knife dancing and sharing my simple cooking tips.”


How long have you worked for Seasiders or Food Services?

“I just started working as the Seasider manager at the end of May, but I’ve been working in the BYUH Food Service Department since 2005.”


What is your Purpose?

“My purpose as a manager is to help train students to one day become leaders and to also create a positive atmosphere and environment at the Seasider’s snack bar, for students to have a getaway spot here on campus where they can find quick and tasty meals and snacks.”


What motivates you everyday?

“My family is my motivation.”


What is your favorite part of the job?

“My favorite part of this job is that I’m able to be creative.”


A typical day for you?

“A typical day for me is being the first one into work and not leaving until the job is done. In between that time, I’m trying to balance out making sure we are staffed and have quality products ready to sell on time, which includes the vending machines here on campus, while trying to do all of this with a positive attitude.”


You can check out Galea’i’s cooking tips on his Facebook or Youtube channel @Chef Prez.  

Date Published: 
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, July 17, 2018