President Nelson encourages young single adults to prepare to be leaders

Written by: 
Savanna Bachelder

President Russell M. Nelson encouraged young single adults to find love for the laws of the gospel through obedience in a YSA Worldwide Devotional on Jan. 8. Hundreds of students filed into the Cannon Activities Center on Jan. 8 to watch the broadcast, which also featured a talk from Sister Wendy W. Nelson, President Nelson’s wife.

Sister Nelson started off the broadcast by emphasizing the importance of God-ordained marital intimacy, and the principles of having a good marriage. She also warned against the dangers of pornography and worldly standards of intimacy.

Nathan Kahaialii, a recently graduated exercise science major from Maui, said, “Normally when they talk about that kind of stuff it makes us cringe a little bit, but this time around I was thinking, ‘Oh, I never thought of it that way.’ Instead of it feeling demanding and telling us we need to date, Sister Nelson was telling us what we should be seeking for in a relationship.”

President Nelson spoke after, and encouraged young adults to rise up as true millennials, and adhere to their covenants. He promised if young adults adhere to the rules and principles of the Church, the Lord will pour out blessings. He urged young adults to be good disciples.

Kendall Facey, a freshman graphic design major from California, said, “If you think about it, everyone here says we are here for a test, and usually for a test you’re expected to fail. But Heavenly Father’s test is different. He is guiding us through the entire thing. And so we’re not expected to fail. It’s all going to work out.”

Riri Asanuma, a junior piano performance major from Japan, said, “I like how President Nelson expects so much of us. He tells us we are going to be the next leaders. He tells us to study more about Jesus Christ by reading the scriptures. I want to be better at doing that.”

Lyla Kaniho, a freshman hotel and tourism management major from Maui, said, “I liked it. I really loved the hymns that they were singing to us. One of my favorite parts was when President Nelson said, ‘God sent us here to not fail, but to succeed.’

“What I love about these firesides is that they always take care of us. From our youth, and even into young adulthood, they tell us what we need to hear. They are just trying to give us the guidance that we need in life.”

Date Published: 
Friday, January 13, 2017
Last Edited: 
Friday, January 13, 2017