President Wheelright addresses new students

Written by: 
Jessica Tautfest ~ Multimedia Journalist

President Wheelwright entitled his address, “Be Diligent, Be Faithfull” at a fireside to BYU-Hawaii’s new students on Sunday, September 7th at the stake center.

The stake center was filled Sunday night as newly made friends filled the chapel and quieted down from their eager chattering. Sister Wheelwright began the fireside’s message by saying, “By show of hands, how many of you here are international?” A few hands went up in the crowd. “By show of hands, how many of you are from East of the Mississippi river on the mainland?” A few different hands went up. “By show of hands, how many of you are from West of the Mississippi river?” And almost everyone’s hands were up in the air. After Sister Wheelwright welcomed everyone and introduced her husband, everyone was prepared to hear the words of their new school’s president.

President Wheelwright walked right down from the pulpit and to a whiteboard, giving a more interactive feel to the fireside. His message was on how spiritual and secular learning are tied together at this university.

Through the examples of the Book of Mormon, Wheelwright taught how there was a pattern of learning both spiritually and academically that we should apply to our benefit. A formula for success is to be faithful and diligent in order to see daily miracles in our life.

This pattern of faithfulness and diligence is brought by righteousness and temporal dedication said Wheelwright. By obedience to the word of God, this pattern will work in all parts of your life. This positive mindset, when applied to life on campus, will bring progressive opportunities. However, Wheelwright warned that if we do not try to apply the stories of the scriptures to our lives then, “miracles will cease if you don’t do your part.” By being diligent and faithful, you will have
spiritual and academic growth and ultimately, success.

Following President Wheelwright’s remarks, Freshman Sinaiya Eskeets from California shared what she learned from the fireside. “Tonight’s fireside reminded me that I am here representing my family back home and that it is important that I try to do my best while here,” said Eskeets.

Another freshman, Jared Lucenta from the Philippines, said that the fireside gave him the “guidance and direction for a better life at BYUH.”