Procrastination prevents productivity

Written by: 
Helam Lau

Procrastination is often a problem for students, and those who were interviewed on the matter recognized the negative impact it has on their academic performance and suggested students make the necessary sacrifices to put it in check.


Hannah Wong, a junior from Taiwan majoring in hotel management, said, “I would say I procrastinate really bad, mostly on getting out of home late. I have 8 a.m. class, but I set my alarm clock for 7:45 a.m. I have to get up, be ready, and arrive to class in 15 minutes. My attendance dropped from 50 to 40 points. I have learned a lesson from it, so today I got out of the door five minutes earlier. I was only late by one minute, which is better than before.”


According to Wong, the main reason people procrastinate is they tend to underestimate the consequences. From her own personal experience, she advised, “Procrastination can be improved by giving yourself more time, like leaving home 10 minutes earlier in case something pops up suddenly.”


Brian Wheeler, a senior majoring in computer science from Hawaii, said, “When I procrastinate, I do fun things instead. When I was a little kid, I just did things outside and not homework, saving it all until the last day.”


During his childhood, Wheeler had an experience that reminds him to not procrastinate till this day. “There was one time I didn’t finish my homework before the due date. My teacher called my parents and told them I had to stay until I finished. I was not able to do other things, and when I got home, I was in trouble with my parents.”


He explained, “Having these experiences a couple of times, I told myself maybe I should not procrastinate so much because it would just lead to bad experiences. … It took me a lot of time to change this habit, but I got better.”


Jacqueline Linh Nguyen, a junior from Vietnam majoring in TESOL, shared, “I almost procrastinated everyday. I am really busy every Monday. Starting from Thursday, I am more available and have time to start working for the assignments of next week. However, I always spend my weekend hanging out with friends.”


She added, “Every time I rushed to do my homework, I told myself I couldn’t do this again since it was painful. However, I did not learn a lesson every time, and I kept repeating it.


“I would love to change this bad habit, but habit is not something that can easily be changed since it comes with time.”


Wong said, “I think I am still not determined enough to change even though I recognize the problem. I always thought I could get everything done in that period of time.”

Date Published: 
Saturday, March 31, 2018
Last Edited: 
Saturday, March 31, 2018