PUBG brings students from different countries together and enhance their friendships

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Tomson Cheang
Participants gather around a competitor playing PUBG, a first-person shooter game.


With students separated into teams and screaming at their phones or laptops in the Heber J. Grant Building, the first Chinese PUBG competition, a combined activity of the Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong Chapter, was held on Oct. 26.

PUBG, famous for its slogan “Winner winner chicken dinner,” is a first-person shooter game available for both PCs and phones. In each game, players need to eliminate all their enemies in the battlefield and be the last team standing in order to win.

10 different teams fought a three-round match for the team championship then separated into individual teams. Each person fought only by themselves for the single championship. Almost 40 students had participated in the competition.

The single champion was Oscar Ip, a junior from Hong Kong studying business management. While there were other competitors who played with gaming laptops, Ip survived to the end and won the match with just an iPhone X. Ip said he was just lucky.

Team 吃雞吧 (Let’s eat chickens) from the China Chapter won first place of the team match. Ip received a first-aid kit as the reward to his single championship. As the team champion, each member of team 吃雞吧 received a cooking pan. Both of those items are frequently used in the game.

The presidency of the Taiwanese Chapter had once considered preparing a roast chicken or turkey for the winners as the slogan of the game is “Winner winner chicken dinner,” said Jason Chang, the president of the Taiwanese Chapter.

“But only a few people can eat it and after that, it’s just over. Then we remembered we could buy pans from Walmart. It’s more meaningful and can be a souvenir,” shared Chang, a senior from Taiwan majoring in graphic design.

Ip said the intensity of the competition was limited because of the little participation of students from other countries. “We had a few foreigners. It could’ve been more intense if other chapters were invited too, but this is just the first time and it turned out to be great already. A lot of people were involved in the competition.”

Winning the team championship with his team and the second place of the single match for himself, Heye Ma, a sophomore from China studying accounting and business management, said the essence of the game was not winning the match, but friendship and teamwork.

“I was the first one who died [in my team.] My teammates carried me to victory. It’s always friendship first, competition second,” shared Ma.

Instead of hiding the winning secrets of the battle, competitors generously shared their strategies to their opponents during the round breaks, said Ricky Or, a junior from Hong Kong studying computer science.

“A Taiwanese team won just now. We congratulated them and asked them like ‘Which route did you take? What weapons did you pick up?’ We discussed together. Our friendship was increased and we were so excited for the following round,” shared Or.

More than 70 percent of the competitors were either from Taiwan, China, or Hong Kong as the activity was held by those three chapters. However, participants from other countries including Canada, Japan, and Korea could also be found that night.

Having teamed up with Chinese students, AJ Halling, a junior from Utah studying information system, said the communication in his team was poor but he still described the game as a joyful experience. “Having people from all over the world playing the same game and having fun, it was a good time.”

Originating from Japan, Koshin Kitagaki was in a team with students from Hong Kong and Korea. Despite the different nationalities of the team members, Kitagaki said he enjoyed working with them to survive together and he gained satisfaction during the process.

As the president of the Taiwanese Chapter, Chang said holding this PUBG competition was one of the biggest goals he had in his term of office. “I’m just grateful that this activity has made the Taiwanese Chapter not just for Taiwan, but for all the participants that are here tonight.”


Date Published: 
Monday, November 12, 2018
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Monday, November 12, 2018