Salt Lake City choir stops to perform at BYUH after trip to Japan

Written by: 
Makaila Bergeson ~ Multimedia Journalist

The Salt Lake Vocal Artists, an award-wining choir, performed a concert named “If Music Be the Food of Love” on Oct. 19 on campus. Directed by Dr. Brady R. Allred, the Vocal Artists performed a variety of music from spiritual gospel hymns to interactive American folk songs.

The Salt Lake Vocal Artists were returning from a tour in Japan and just so happened to have a layover in Hawaii. Naturally, they decided to stay for a few days and enjoy a weekend here in the Aloha State.

“Of course it’s Hawaii. What else are you going to do?” said Michael Ingols, president of the Choral Artists. “It was nice to extend our layover, get some time in Hawaii, and be able to do some concerts while we are here. We’ve been very busy, but we got to explore a bit of the island. A few of us went to PCC while some went to Matsumoto’s Shave Ice. It’s been nice. It’s always fun to get the local flavor and try new things.”

Along with enjoying the attractions of Hawaii, Dr. Allred was able to arrange a few performances for the Vocal Artists including the one in the McKay Auditorium. The concert began with a song called, “If Music Be the Food of Love,” the title of the program, and continued with a wide range of music styles. The Vocal Artists kept the concert in a formal setting, with minimal audience interaction. However, they did get the audience to join in clapping for a few songs.

Despite the formality, the performers did not disappoint their audience as they sang with great enthusiasm, emotion, and skill.

BYU-Hawaii Concert Choir Member Justin Hinton, a senior in accounting from Arizona, shared his thoughts on the performance. “I thought it was fantastic. The music quality was very good. It was very easy, in almost all the songs, to understand what they were saying. They made it artistic through their pronunciation of the words, and their dynamics that they used in the music.”

The Vocal Artists’ performance was not surprising considering their performance background. As it turns out, The Salt Lake Vocal Artists are known around the world for their choral singing. They have won the Grand Prize at the Florilege Vocal de Tours (France), the European Grand Prix, and First Prizes at the Marktoberdorf International Chamber Choir Competition, the Tolosa (Spain) International Choir Competition, and the Concorso Polifonico Internazionale in Arezzo, Italy.

Aside from this, Dr. Allred has been awarded the Conductor’s Prize in Marktoberdorf, Germany, and was recently honored by The Salt Lake Tribune, being named on of Utah’s Top 25 Cultural Power Brokers.

According to Vocal Artist Member Kary Ripplinger, “The Vocal Artists is only a small group of a larger organization, The Salt Lake Choral Artists. It’s been around for a number of years, and Brady, our conductor, has been involved with it for less than three years. It’s for those who like music and like to sing in the Salt Lake Community Area.” He continued, “I’ve been with the group for about a year and a half. My wife is here with me, and my sister is actually in the choir. It’s been a great, amazing experience.”