Seasider Two-Sport Athletes

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Alyssa Odom
Jessica Horrocks, a senior from Idaho, has been a member of the Seasider cross-country team for the past four years. Basketball and cross country have both been a huge part of Horrocks’ life since she was in elementary school. “I was always running around in elementary school and have been playing basketball since I was six. My dad really loves basketball and my mom really loves cross country, so the combination of the two sports just became a part of me.”
Horrocks ran cross country and played basketball all through high school, but never intended on continuing in both sports collegiately. “In high school I was a good basketball player, but certain circumstances arose and it was not the path I found the most enjoyment for anymore. I began to pursue cross country more, and by my senior year I had gotten to a point that really put me in a good spot to be ready to run and compete at the collegiate level.”   
Amanda Turnbull Hooke, a senior from Utah, also began her journey in Seasider athletics on the cross-country team. Hooke grew up playing many different sports and always dreamed of coming to BYU-Hawaii to be a student athlete. “My family and I went on a trip to Hawaii when I was about seven. After that trip, my dream was to come to BYUH and play soccer. As I went through high school, I developed a passion for cross country and decided to come here to run instead.” 
Both athletes have learned valuable life lessons from being a part of the BYUH sports program. Horrocks reflects on the difficulty of trying to balance her schedule while still giving her all to both teams. “As an athlete, you want to give 100% to your sport. When you wake up at six o’clock every morning to give 100% to cross country, how much are you going to have left to give to basketball by the end of the day? 
“This question defines how it feels some days to be a part of both teams and wanting to do my best for both. Being an athlete puts a lot of stress on my body, but as long as I am striving for balance in my life, I am able to overcome the challenges that I am facing.” Hooke agrees with Horrocks in the aspect of having to manage your time and energy in order to have the best experience in both sports.
Horrocks also shared how she feels about transitioning into a new sports season. “Now that cross country has ended, things are a lot easier. When cross country and basketball were overlapping, it was difficult to give all of my effort to both sports while also staying on top of my school work. The transition from cross country season to basketball season was a challenge but I feel settled now.” 
Horrocks and Hooke shared their feelings about the program ending. Horrocks said, “Being a member of Seasider athletics has taught me to always keep reaching for you dreams, but to also be open to what Heavenly Father has in mind for you. As the sports program comes 
Date Published: 
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017