Seasider upgrades pizza by the slice

Written by: 
Samone Isom ~ Multimedia Journalist

The Seasider Snackbar recently began selling a new brand of pizza and, “It’s a big step up from the old. I highly recommend it,” said Adam Williams, a junior in English from Arizona.

Craig Hatch, a sophomore in biology from California, is the student lead involved in the pizza change. “My project is to improve the Seasider. This new pizza is Villa Prima. It is a much better quality project. The old pizza was terrible, and easy to make because it was just like dealing with a cardboard sheet.”

Hatch said they are currently doing test-runs to see how students like the new pizza.

He said he has been working with Ivona Mills, the supervisor of the Seasider Snackbar, who said, “Everything about [the new brand] is more fresh. There are no preservatives or chemicals in the yeast to make it stay puffed longer or anything. It’s a really good product we are pleased with. After it’s cooked, we keep it in the warmers and it stays moist. The other one got dry as it sat out there,” said Mills.

Kelly Lee, a sophomore in bio-chemistry from Canada, purchased pizza from the Seasider for the first time after the pizza change.
“All the other times the pizza looked unappetizing and dry. Today it looked a lot better quality. I like the flavor and the texture of the dough, but it’s not very saucy,” Lee said.

Other changes might be happening besides the pizza brand up-grade, according to Mills and Hatch who plan on starting a pizza delivery service on campus. “We are trying to work on the logistics of delivery,” said Mills. She said they are trying to figure out how students can pay with flex dollars or credit cards safely, without such financial information lingering. Hatch added this plan is still in the developmental stages but should be initiated in the summer.

At the moment, Hatch said, “We are selling pizza by the slice, though we still have some back stock of the old pizza we have to get rid of. We could charge more because it is a lot better quality, but we won’t. We are going to leave the price the same.”