Seasiders end last basketball game ever with a loss

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Josh Mason

The Seasiders Men’s Basketball Team lost their final home game to the Point Loma Sea Lions 66-84, ending the final home basketball game of the Athletics Department with a loss that fans said wasn’t as rough as saying goodbye to the program. Ken Wagner, head coach and athletic director, said, “It was very sad to see it end. I have had incredible experiences in my life because of BYUH Athletics.”


The Seasiders opened with a rough start, with Point Loma’s defense preventing the team from shooting or scoring. Within the first five minutes of the game, Point Loma managed to gain a nine point lead, leaving the Seasiders behind 2-11.


In the following two minutes, the Seasiders managed to prevent the Sea Lions from scoring more than once while pushing for more shots, putting them into the lead with 14-13. However, their lead was quickly overtaken with an offensive push from Point Loma. The Seasiders would eventually catch up and get ahead by one point with 36-35 in the last five minutes. The score stayed consistently close through the last few minutes. The Seasiders were in the lead 40-39 until Loma scored a three at the buzzer, ending the first half with Seasiders down 40-42.


The second half saw the Seasiders falling behind quickly and drastically. The Seasiders’ offense shot multiple three-pointers but only made one. By the 10-minute mark, the Seasiders were behind 15 points with 47-62. In the next 20 seconds, the Seasiders came back with four points. The last 10 minutes ran with few timeouts and Point Loma maintaining a lead of over 10 points. The Seasiders were down nearly 20 points for a score of 62-81 with two-and-a-half minutes left. The offense attempted multiple three and two point shots but kept missing. Point Loma’s offense held the ball every time it came into their possession in order to let the clock run. The Seasiders managed to score one more two-point shot after Point Loma scored a three, bringing the score to 64-84 with 55 seconds left. When the Sea Lions got possession again, guard Shad Watson fouled. The Sea Lions missed their foul shots and the Seasiders managed to score one more shot, ending the game 66-84.


Kingsley Ah You, the in-game announcer, acted on behalf of the Athletics Department in recognizing the four senior basketball players: Cory Lange, Justin Park, Gabriel Andrade, and Joohan Lee. At around the 15-minute mark of the second half, Ah You and the Athletics Department staff recognized Michael Payton, director of the Pep Band, for managing the ensemble for over a decade.


Wagner said, “Athletics has been an incredible missionary tool for the church and a very inexpensive positive public relations tool for the church. I have seen so many lives and families impacted by athletics and the church. Everywhere I go in Asia, there are wonderful people I know because of these experiences. BYUH is one of the most well-known universities in Asia because of our program.


“There are four national team coaches who spent time at BYUH. Many of our graduates are doing well. I believe an important part of our legacy and an important tool that helped create it will be lost-people we're happy the church excelled in a ‘worldly’ area. Church members will miss this feel-good public relations tool. I am sad to know BYUH will no longer have this tool - nothing to bring alumni, students, community together for binding grand crescendo moments.”


The game was even featured in the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s paper the following day.

Date Published: 
Wednesday, March 8, 2017
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017