Second-semester freshmen discuss the pros and cons of coming back to school after the break

Written by: 
Hannah Jones

The perks of college are much easier to see after visiting home, said BYU-Hawaii freshman, who expressed appreciation for the independence they have as students.


Aurora Augulis, a freshman from Texas majoring in psychology, quickly realized how much she loves college after going home for Christmas Break. She said, "There were a couple times at home where situations would happen and I would be glad that I only had to deal with this a couple more days."


After a long pause, Augulis added, "You don’t have as many problems being alone."


For Augulis, the return to college was an event to look forward to. She said she was most excited to see her friends again during the new semester.


Augulis also said she recognized how blessed she is to be at BYUH instead of other colleges. "I'm blessed to get an education in such a beautiful place.


"When I was preparing to come to college, I read an article, 'You’ll go to college and miss your family and when you go back home you’ll miss college friends.' I now know how true that is."


Unlike Augulis, Savanah Rudd, a freshman from Oklahoma majoring in biomedicine, was not ready to come back. "I don’t know if anything particular made me excited about coming back." Rudd decided, "Three weeks was not enough."


She said, "Honestly, I came here because I got accepted and I knew a small percentage of people who applied got accepted, so I felt like if I didn’t come I was turning down a great opportunity I was given.


"I really enjoy the friendships I've been able to make here, but since I’ve already been here a semester I’ve found out it's not a great fit for me. Now I won’t regret not coming here.


"It's just not a good fit for me and my personality." Rudd suggested that if she were going back to a different college, she would've been excited.


Emma Wilkinson, a freshman from South Dakota majoring in applied math, was most excited to attend a new semester so she could get back to Hawaii. Wilkinson said, "I was looking forward to not being freezing."


Wilkinson said she found her independence at college, and she was excited to get it back after a long break. With a laugh, she said, "It was three days in and I was like, ‘I don’t want to be here anymore.’"


She then explained, "I missed all of the independence and being able to go where I wanted to and be with my friends instead of sitting at home. I felt lazy back home. I wasn’t doing anything productive."


When accepted to BYUH, Wilkinson didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. She said, "I got in and felt like I couldn’t pass up that opportunity. There's a reason I got in, and it feels like where I'm supposed to be. The fact that there's so many different cultures and backgrounds, it's just so amazing and wonderful to me to be a part of it."

Date Published: 
Monday, February 19, 2018
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Monday, February 19, 2018