Security Log details crime activity on campus

Written by: 
Reid Crickmore ~ Multimedia Journalist

Any crime that takes place on campus can be found online. Under the incident and crime log tab on, students can view any reported incidents reported to the BYU-Hawaii Security Department.

Ualani Nagy, BYUH campus Security Department secretary, said, “I try to update the report as often as I can, usually once a week. By law I’m required to update the report, release information if requested within 48 hours, and upload major crimes within 48 hours to the report.”

The BYUH campus Security Department has a report to track all crime and incident history on campus. The report contains crimes from throwing eggs to attempted suicides. By law BYUH has to upload crimes to this report and if there are major crimes, such as murders or sexual assaults, it must be uploaded within 48 hours of the incident.

According to the BYUH Security website, “The BYU-Hawaii Security Report is written to aid members of the university community in maintaining their personal safety and to advise students and employees of university policies designed to make the campus a safe environment where students may come and learn secular principles within a spiritual atmosphere. This document meets the Federal law, which mandates its preparation and distribution.”

Security works to keep the campus safe and this report is a part of that effort. Some students feel this report needs to be more out in the open to prevent crime and promote safety. Trevor Smith, a senior in finance from California, said, “If more people knew about the report it would probably aid in the prevention of crime on campus.”

This report also helped students realize that Security does a lot more than they think. Jason Lutz, a senior in business from Utah, said, “I though Security did nothing, but after reading this log I realized that they do so much more than we know.”