Semester Stress: How to control anxieties of the new semester

Written by: 
Keryna Monson~Multimedia Journalist

With the new semester just around the corner, students are a little wary of the unknown. Students have both things they are looking forward to and a few things they are worried about. BYU-Hawaii students shared their worries and excitement about the coming semester.

One of the biggest fears for the upcoming semester is having insufficient funding. “Since it is my senior year, I am unable to work a lot this semester so I’m kind of stressed about being able to pay rent this month,” said Taylor Moyes, a senior in English from Arizona.

Seniors said they worry about completing all their credits while handling such a heavy workload on top of extracurricular activities. Cherisse Lemon, a senior from Oregon in vocal performance explained, “I’m super stoked about Broadway Cabaret, a show that is put on by mostly Concert Choir members. It’s also stressful because it’s a lot of work, and we all have other classes and homework to do.” Lemon said she is taking 18 credits this semester on top of her Concert Choir practices.

For some students, they said the biggest stress of the semester is dealing with all of the common critters found in Hawaii. “It’s been kind of stressful this semester dealing with all of the cockroaches.... But I am excited to make cookies for my roommates and to have happy adventures with people I love,” said Chelsea Owens, an exercise science major from Alaska.

Some students from distant countries are anxious and excited to go home. Last year, Victoria Jaques, a senior in English from Norfolk, England, stayed out on the island for Christmas break. This year, she is looking forward to traveling home. “I think like most students, I am stressed abut my work load and wanting to do well. But I’m really excited about going home for Christmas this year, as I didn’t get to last year.”

BYUH is one of the most diverse campuses in the country. The fears and excitements from the students vary widely, but if you look around you will likely find someone in the same boat as you.