Serve your spouse, be united, say missionary couples at relationship fireside

Written by: 
Ethan Toledo~Multimedia Journalist

A relationship fireside was put together by Counseling Services to wrap up BYU-Hawaii’s Spirit Week on Sunday, Feb 17, in the BYU-Hawaii Stake Center.

The fireside was put together by Eric Orr and featured three long-time married couples from different backgrounds speaking about relationships and preparing to spend a life with a spouse.

The Tippetts, Maples, and Palmers were the featured couples and were asked to provide various points about what makes a good relationship and what to do in a relationship.

Some ideas they mentioned included having a service-oriented life and providing service to your spouse, treating your spouse with respect no matter what, having good communication with each other, etc.

Sister Maples shared what has helped her marriage. She said, “We took the ‘I’ and the ‘me’ out of our vocabulary.” The Maples made it clear that throughout their marriage, there was rarely a time when they wouldn’t think of themselves as a “we” or “us.”

The Tippetts also said random acts of sweetness are absolutely necessary to keep the spark alive. Throughout their marriage, they said they never went one week without going on a date together. Even when the Tippets couldn’t afford to go someplace nice, they said they would go out and test drive cars just for fun and have that be their weekly date.

Relationships are important both here on this earth and in the life to come, said the speakers, and keeping a happy and healthy marriage is vital. Elder Palmer said somebody can’t waste all their time looking for “the one.” “The one” doesn’t exist, he said. There is never going to be that absolutely perfect husband or wife somewhere out there.

“Marriages aren’t made in heaven,” said Elder Palmer. “They’re made on earth.” He said keeping the covenants with your spouse is the most important thing.