Seven Brothers at the Mill hosts Thanksgiving benefit concert

Written by: 
Nathan Graham

On the rainy evening of Nov. 21, local community members, tourists, and BYU-Hawaii students gathered at Seven Brothers at the Mill in Kahuku for a concert to raise money for families in need.


To raise money, entry to the concert was $2 and the restaurant held a raffle with prizes ranging from a towel to a Wavestorm surfboard.


The youngest of the seven brothers, Shez Hannemann, said of the purpose of the event, “There is so much to be thankful for, but we need to recognize that there are people out there who don’t have a lot and who are suffering. We hope through the money we raise today to bring happiness to those who are in need this holiday season.”


Hannemann, a sophomore in business marketing, continued, “We hope that this is just the beginning and that whoever we help out will use this money to spread this happiness in their own family. We hope that one day they will be able to pay it forward and share the love.”


Opening the relief concert were Hayden Norris, an undecided freshmen from California, and Jared Wilcox, a Laie resident from California, who sang, “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer. Tyke James, a local Oahu resident and songwriter, followed their performance with his original song “Like a Fool” and a few others. Last to sing was Jill Baylon, an undecided sophomore from California and a songwriter, sang “High and Dry” by RadioHead.


Micha Tanuvasa, a lifelong Laie resident, shared his belief that events such as the relief concert benefit strengthen the community. “The community needs more events like this to bring us together and to support the struggling families that are within our communities. Community members need more opportunities to serve and help one another.


“I loved all of the singers that came out tonight. They are all so passionate about music and bringing a positive change to our communities.”


Marissa Jones, a senior in art education from Arizona who won the Wavestorm, expressed her appreciation for people willing to share their talents, “I enjoy singing, and I appreciate hearing others sing, perform, and share their talents. It’s really great that they are doing it to help others, because that is why we have talents. It’s to help, to bless, and serve others.”


Hannemann said, “It’s Thanksgiving, the time of giving and the time to give back. Here at Seven Brothers we feel like we have been so blessed as a family by our community. The local community has made it possible for us to be here all these years serving food.”


All four singers - Norris, Wilcox, James, and Baylon - sent everyone home by singing Lenard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” each one singing a verse.

Date Published: 
Monday, November 27, 2017
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Monday, November 27, 2017