Sister Neill F. Marriott discusses the importance of young women program at UN

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Sister Neill F. Marriott, second counselor in the general presidency of the Young Women organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke on a panel at the United Nations’ 60th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) on Thursday, March 24 in New York City, according to

Her panel, titled “Fostering World Leadership in Young Women Starting with the Role of the Mother,” showed how different sectors of society can support the role of mothers and help young girls achieve their full potential. Speaking on religion’s role in this process, Sister Marriott showed how religion at large, and the Church’s Young Women programs in particular, instill in young women self-worth, value, confidence to stand firm in their beliefs, and the ability to spread that confidence to their daughters.

Rica Revillo, a freshman business management major from the Philippines, was proud of the Young Women programs and glad Sister Marriott shared it with others. “Growing up with the Young Women’s program and the Personal Progress program, I was able to know my divine nature and improve my character,” said Revillo.

Revillo said she was surprised Sister Marriott would talk about young women and the importance of molding them in such an important meeting. “It just goes to show how important the youth are for the future,” said Revillo.

Sister Marriott also discussed how strong families lead to strong communities, cities, nations, and a stronger world. Other panelists focused on humanitarian aid, community activism, and the daughter’s perspective. One hundred people attended the panel, representing nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) from around the globe.

Josie Luo, a freshman business major from China, said she’s glad the Church has expanded its influence throughout the world. “I think it is amazing how our religion can branch into so many different countries and nations. Being part of this community, I have seen how the Gospel really does play a big role in the home, school, and everywhere,” said Luo.

Abby Terry, a freshman biochemistry major from Washington, said she’s grateful for the influence of leaders and General Authorities on the members of the Church. “I feel so empowered and happy when I see leaders step up and be good examples of grace and humility, “said Terry.

Terry shared how inspired she is when she hears General Authorities speak in devotionals or conferences. “I hope that when people hear her speech, they feel inspired too,” she added.

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