Sociology minor will phase out to prepare for changes in the new GE program

Written by: 
Alyssa Odom

According to John Bailey, department chair of the School of Education, the sociology minor will no longer be offered after the 2017 Spring Semester so the BYU-Hawaii Social Work Department can focus its resources to benefit more students with the new GE program.

“One option would involve moving resources in the Sociology minor into another part of the Social Work program. If this is decided upon, then all students currently mapped for the sociology minor will have the opportunity to complete it within the near future,” said Bailey.

Students who are currently pursuing a minor in sociology will be able to continue their degree. Jennifer Lane, dean of the College of Human Development, said, “With an inactivated minor, students who have already begun will be able to continue, and the department will find ways to give equivalencies or substitutions for any class that is not offered. However, students will no longer be able to start the minor.”

Jennifer Tam, a sophomore from Hong Kong studying social work with a minor in sociology, took Introduction to Sociology (SOC 111) in the 2017 Winter Semester. Tam decided to take sociology as a minor to help her with her ultimate career goals to work with children and teenagers.

She said, “I want to work with young people and help them through their challenges and get on the right path. Children will most heavily affect the future of society, so I want to make sure I can do all I can to help them while they are still developing and growing.

“Sociology goes more in depth about the problems in society and how to deal with them, and I feel like that would really benefit my desired career path.” Tam said she will be placed into alternate classes to make up for the classes being discontinued so she can receive her minor.

Kelly Coleman, a sociology professor, said she has enjoyed her time teaching sociology and feels it is a beneficial subject for all students no matter their major or post-graduation plans. “I feel the social sciences are an important field of study for all students to help them understand their own lives more fully and to better understand those around them. By understanding the needs of others and the causes of those needs, one can learn to help others and work towards a society of compassion and equality.”

Similar to Coleman’s thoughts, Tam also said sociology is a diversely compatible minor. “I did not know much about sociology prior to this year, and I had never considered it as a major or basis for my career path. However, the more I have learned about it, the more I see that it can benefit anyone taking part in society.

“I know many people who are taking a sociology minor. It is sad to see the program go, but I know that the professors and administrators will do what is best for the program.”

Date Published: 
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Last Edited: 
Wednesday, March 22, 2017