Steps to opt in for electronic copy of W-2 form

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Antoniette Yee

BYU-Hawaii and PCC student employees are encouraged to opt in to receive an electronic copy of their W-2 tax form in Workday, said Payroll Supervisor Rachel Kalama.

The federal deadline for the W-2’s to be mailed out is January 31, 2018, said Kalama. She explained, “Once we make [the W-2’s] available, you can see it right away. Just sign in and you can print it anytime and anywhere you want.

“You have the option to get a paper copy, but that’s just a waste of paper especially if the address is incorrect. And if we mail the W-2’s, you won’t get it until a week or so.”

According to Kalama, not a lot of students know about the availability of the online W-2 option. She said, “We have over 3,500 W-2’s. The more people opt in, the better; the faster you’ll get it too. We’re trying to train and empower student employees to make their lives easier during tax season.”

Before 2016, all W-2’s were in PeopleSoft, said Kalama, but now the W-2’s are in Workday. She advised students to update addresses both in PeopleSoft and Workday to make sure that everything is current and up to date.

Steps to Opt In

She enumerated the steps to opt in for an electronic W-2:

1. Log in to Workday at

2. Click on the “Pay” icon.

3. Under “My Statements,” select “Tax Documents.”

4. Under “My Tax Documents,” click the “Edit” button.

5. On the “Change Year End Tax Documents Printing Elections” page, your name and the company you are employed by will appear below.

6. Click “OK.”

7. On the page shown below, click the “Receive electronic copy on my W-2/W-2C” radio button.

8. Click “OK.”

9. Click “Done.”

10. You will be directed to your “My Tax Documents” page, and from there you may sign out of Workday. To log out of Workday, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then in the small drop-down box that appears click “Sign Out.”

Benefits of Electronic W-2 Forms

Kalama listed several reasons the electronic W-2 forms are preferrable. “You’re not going to lose it. It is available 24/7, 365 days a year. You can print it multiple times, and you receive it sooner. It is more convenient. And even when you’ve left the university, you can still see your W-2 as long as you have remembered your username and password.”

Thiery Quimsing, an accounts payable supervisor and BYUH alumni from the Philippines, said the online W-2 is better because of the availability to access it anytime, anywhere. He said, “Waiting for my W-2 in the mail takes forever, and sometimes it gets lost. Through the online copy, I can start filing my tax return earlier and check for any discrepancy to fix it right away, if there’s any.”

Quimsing shared how accessing the online W-2 copy on Workday is less complicated than on PeopleSoft because “there are a lot of clicks before you can find your W-2. For Workday, it is easier to see and access.”

View Electronic W-2

The only difference between opting in for the electronic W-2 and viewing is the pop-up that shows up, said Kalama. The steps to view your W-2 electronically are:

1. Log into Workday at

2. Click on the “Pay” icon.

3. Under “My Statements,” select “Tax Documents.”

4. On “My Tax Document,” under “Tax Year” you’ll see 2017. Click the “View/Print” button.

5. A “Notify me later” button will pop‐up. There is no need to press notify me later. Just wait and W-2 will pop‐up in another window. If nothing pops up in another window, see the red “x” in the web address line – click there.

6. A pop will show up – you will need to click on “Always allow pop‐ups from…” then click “Done.”

7. Next, click on “View/Print” again and it will pop‐up in another window in a few seconds.  (See Step 4)

8. For most users that is the complete procedure. The file will open as a PDF document that can be saved or printed. If for some reason that doesn’t work, go to your name on the top right of the screen and click on it, then scroll down and click on “W:Drive.”  My Reports will show up and you will see under File Name the PDF of your W-2 from. Click on it and your W-2 should come up.

Date Published: 
Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, January 2, 2018