Student Events serves free food for students still on campus during summer

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Dorothy Chiu

BYU-Hawaii students said they appreciate being able to socialize over the summer and get free waffles, bagels, and other foods every Tuesday and Thursday for Ono Treats. Hosted by Student Events, the free food event held in the Aloha Center also features a karaoke machine for those daring to sing in front of the crowd.

Manu Dauphin, a junior from Tahiti majoring in social work, has gone to seven Ono Treats for the karaoke, not the treats. He said loves to sing, but it’s difficult for him to practice singing alone at home, which is why he loves to take a break from work and join in on the karaoke fun.

For Thomas Johnson, a Student Events specialist, seeing people sing karaoke during the events is his favorite part. “Seeing people have a lot of fun–maybe the shy people who don’t want to do it, but they decide to anyways–that’s fun to see,” he said.

The word “ono” means delicious in Hawaiian. The purpose of the event is not to just giving away free treats, but also to bring students together during the summer break, said Johnson, a sophomore biomedical services from Utah. He said the team wants students to have a chance to meet people outside of classes during the semester.

The idea stems from the Winter 2016-2017 Semester when Student Events partnered with the Women’s Organization to give away free food to students during finals’ week. According to JennieLynn Jessop, student supervisor of Student Events, a lot of students gave positive feedback, saying they loved the free food and wished Student Events could do something like this more often.

The Student Events team thought of giving out free food for the summer because it would be a simple event to manage. The event specialists switch the food they serve each time; some days they can be found making fresh waffles, others toasting bagels on a skillet.

“I just think it is fun to see people so excited to come and get treats. Even though it’s something simple like the otter pop or fruits… to see students coming out, just taking a break from 40 hours of work is nice,” said Jessop, an elementary education alumna from Oregon.

Chelsea Abito, a senior from California majoring in biology, said she thinks the Ono Treat has been a good place for gathering. She said it is sometimes hard to socialize with other students during the summer break because there is no school.

Kehanlani Maruhi, a Student Events specialist from Tahiti majoring in social work, said the events team usually advertise each week’s Ono Treat through Facebook, OrgSync, and their summer event calendar. “The more we advertise, the more people we have,” she said. “Sometimes, we run out of food earlier than [noon].”

Jessop said, “We always send out emails through OrgSync. We just hope everyone will read their emails instead of delete them so they can know all the fun things that we are doing.”

Students and employees can check in with their ID cards or numbers so they’re attendance can be recorded in OrgSync. For more information on other events going on during the summer, go to the Student Events OrgSync page or search “BYU-Hawaii Student Events” on Facebook.

Date Published: 
Saturday, August 26, 2017
Last Edited: 
Saturday, August 26, 2017