Student Leadership makes OrgSync more user friendly for students and clubs

Written by: 
Patrick Campbell

The student life department is updating the BYU-Hawaii OrgSync website and mobile app interface to improve communication between students and student associations, said Alison Whiting, director of Student Leadership.

“Students will have an improved user interface, making it easier to connect,” said Whiting.

Cary Baldwin, web assistant supervisor for Student Leadership, explained associations are required to use OrgSync for signing up members to their association primarily to streamline the accounting and budget process. They're also required to post notifications about their events on OrgSync if they require money. This includes reserving buildings and rooms on campus.

“Members were getting annoyed when they joined clubs and then weren’t able to get notifications about the different activities,” said Baldwin.

According to Whiting, OrgSync has been the central communication for New Student Orientation, the Service Center, student associations, Student Advisory Council, and Student Events.

Student associations have primarily used the site during World Fest, which is held at the beginning of each semester to sign up students for the different clubs.

Baldwin said he believes the World Fest event is the one and only time most students have interacted with OrgSync, according to data gathered from the site.

“Can you imagine we used to use paper tickets to join associations, and then the club leadership would turn it in to accounting to fill out their budget?” asked Baldwin, a senior from Utah majoring in business. “Seriously, it was so old. We’ve been really trying to move as much as we can to a digital source.”

The site now boasts dozens of posts from all different associations informing students on different events being held all over the campus, from dances to service projects.

Baldwin believes the text notification feature is underutilized. “Out of all of our users, only 500 have requested text notifications.”

Roche Acosta Donato, a freshman from Qatar majoring in exercise sports science, said, "My favorite part is they will always email me about the events that happen either from the chapters I've joined or other organizations. [It helps me] to enjoy the aloha here in the school."

Baldwin explained OrgSync utilizes all the data on a student to make the interface more useful. The information used includes name, BYUH ID number, phone number, email and even nationality. It also tells BYUHSA if you are an on- or off-campus student. This information, said Baldwin, allows the Student Life Department to create better events for all students.

Information is gathered whenever a student goes to an event and has their ID card swiped (or writes their ID number down on the sign-in sheet). The information is entered into the system, which provides data on the interests and trends of campus.

Because the data includes private information about individuals, Baldwin said the administration ensures the info will be protected by only giving access to directors and their full-time BYUH employees.

As students prepare to send out resumes to potential employers or prepare to apply for post-graduate education, they may want to show their participation in extracurricular activities. Baldwin added, one of the new features being added to the BYUH OrgSync will be a, “co-curricular transcript, which is sort of like an individual resume or certificate of all a student has been involved in while they were at BYU-Hawaii.  This can be part of information to potential employers or as a record of your student experience!”

For students wanting to log on to OrgSync, Whiting assured the process is simple. First, students must log on to the website or app with their official CES username and password.

Once there, Whiting explained students “can opt in for text notifications, emails, etc.”

Baldwin added, “Seasider Sports and Residential Life are connecting with students through OrgSync, so it will be a one stop place for students to get connected to the campus, community and to fellow students.”

Whiting said, “We like that OrgSync has the potential to connect the whole campus as students jump on and really use it!”

Date Published: 
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Last Edited: 
Wednesday, September 13, 2017