The Student Medical Benefit plan helps cut costs for prescriptions

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Geena DeMaio


One of the goals of the BYU–Hawaii Health center and the Student Medical Benefits (SMB) is to allow students to have access to inexpensive prescriptions for medications, said employees. BYUH medical staff advise finding information by visiting the Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA) website and office on campus.

“Having good health is important for you to achieve your goals at BYU–Hawaii. Having adequate medical coverage is important to your good health. Without adequate coverage, unexpected expenses could alter your future dramatically,” says the introduction of the BYUH Student Medical Benefit for 2018-2019.

Prescriptions discounts

“Students may receive a prescription from the doctor and are expected to pay 30 percent of the cost. Benefits pays the other 70 percent,” explained Yvonee Marasco-Mapu, a receptionist at the Health Center. She said students are evaluated at the Health Center and by its medical professionals, and then they may receive a prescription they can present to the pharmacy at Foodland in the Laie Shopping Center.

Beth Martin, the student medical benefits specialist, said, “When students go to the Health Center and they want to get over-the-counter [medicine], such as Tylenol, they can purchase it right there at the Health Center.”

“If the student has a headache and needs Tylenol, it’s cheaper to get it at the Health Center,” Martin said. “If you are already sick and see the doctor, then you can purchase it at the time you are there. If you go at another time without a doctor’s appointment, the Health Center will not dispense the medicine,” she added.

“A prescription is different,” said Martin. “It depends on what kind of illness you have. The doctor needs to write the prescription, and then the student needs to go to Foodland.”

Student Medical Benefit plan

The Student Medical Benefit (SMB) covers full-time students for a limited medical benefit while attending BYUH. According to Marasco-Mapu, students must be taking at least 12 credits to be considered full-time. Students are automatically enrolled if they meet the requirement.

RSVP deadlines for SMB in the upcoming Spring 2019 Semester is March 1, 2019. A penalty charge of $75 is charged to students for tardy application. 

The plan covers both domestic and international students. International students are required to add all their dependents while domestic students have the option to add their dependents to the medical plan.

Students are encouraged to visit the SMB office located in Aloha Center Room 102 for consultation and complete the enrollment verification form. The SMB handbook for 2018-2019 is available online for detailed instruction of the application.

According to SMB’s website, an approved reduced load of credit hours must be presented at the BYUH student medical plan office before students are immediately terminated from the benefit system.

Transfer providers

If students need to see a specialist or get a referral to see a doctor off campus, they need to go to the Health Center first. “You only go to a different doctor once. The Health Center sends you to one because they will tell you who the preferred providers are. They cover 80 percent and your share is 20 percent as a co-pay,” Martin said. Students must obtain a referral slip from the Health Center that requires an approval from the registered nurse, Anita Olszowka, whos office is in the Aloha Center Room 137. When this process is complete, students may then provide a copy of their card to the transferred provider.

“If there are problems with claims, for example, if the student does not have the SMB identification or needs to apply for a loan, the student can report to DMBA in Aloha Center Room 137. Students can download their SMB card in the office and receive it immediately,” explained Martin.

Any requests to access the DMBA account are directed to contact Cora Seui-Sika of DMBA with details including a student’s full legal name, student ID number, and birthdate.


Date Published: 
Monday, February 18, 2019
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Monday, February 18, 2019