Students express excitement for season 2 of popular Marvel and Netflix series Daredevil

Written by: 
Daxon Levine

After nearly a year of waiting, Netflix bingers and Marvel superhero fans of BYU-Hawaii get ready for Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Daredevil.” Dannah King, a junior studying international cultural studies from Washington. “It’s more gritty and I feel that it’s more real.”

“It feels like it could really be happening whereas Captain America seems like a fantasy,” said King. “Daredevil aims to be more realistic with its audience. They aren’t romanticizing the superhero genre. They are laying it out as it is, and how it would be in real life if it was real.”

Unlike the other heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which shares the same continuity as “Daredevil”), Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, is defined by his weaknesses as much as he is by his abilities. “I like how he doesn’t let his disability of being blind bring him down,” said Ty Saganey, a senior studying social science education from Arizona’s Navajo Nation. “He was able to use his other heightened senses to help him fight crime.”

Matt Murdock, played by Charlie Cox, became blind after a childhood accident in which toxic waste spilled from a wrecked truck and splashed into his eyes. His blindness gives way to a new awareness and heightened ability of his other senses. By day, he serves as a lawyer for the burgeoning Nelson & Murdock Law Firm. “He tries to keep himself simple and on the down low. He’s like the opposite of Iron Man,” said Saganey. “He is willing to go and help people. He also does a lot of pro bono work for his clients.”

By night, he dons a mask and fights organized crime. “He’s always been centered on just protecting his area of New York, Hell’s Kitchen,” said Bubba Au, a graduate intern for media broadcasting from Maui. “He’s the one who deals with the common criminal.”

Season 1 begins in the aftermath of the destruction of New York, seen in the first Avengers movie. “It takes place in Hell’s Kitchen after it’s destroyed. Now Hell’s Kitchen is the poorer part of town,” said King. “Matt deals with the backlash of that destruction, whether it’s fighting crime or being a lawyer for the people who had their homes damaged or are being taken advantage of by these rich people who try to take power in this place.”

King said it is the type of show that grabs and you makes you come back for more. “As I kept watching the first season, it kept getting better and better. I think it’s because I became more invested in it,” said King. “It’s one of those shows where you feel like you have to know what happens. You feel a deep connection with the characters.

Netflix released all 13 episodes of Season 2 on Thursday, March 18 at 9pm in Time. The season introduced two new characters from the Marvel mythos: Elektra and The Punisher.

“Elektra is the female interest of Matt Murdock,” reported King. “She’s not just a bad guy, but also his other half. In a lot of comics, you have the ‘antagonist girlfriend.’ You see that with Batman and Catwoman, and it’s the same with Elektra and Daredevil. I know that Elektra is a villain, technically, but I think that they are going to team up to fight a larger villain.”

Au said The Punisher may be the villain that the Elektra/Daredevil combo needs. “The Punisher was a man who had extensive experience with the military, or the police, depending on his origin story,” said Au. “He turned to his life of vigilantism because his family was murdered. Because of that, his way of bringing about justice against evil is by eliminating them. Punisher has guns, so if he wanted to kill Daredevil, I think he could if he put in the effort. But I don’t think Punisher would go that far with Daredevil, because they are basically doing the same thing, just with different means.”

Au noted the biggest difference between the two is that The Punisher kills criminals, while Daredevil believes they should face the justice system.

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