Students make predictions for 2014

Written by: 
Alyssa Walhood ~ Copy Editor

As the New Year began with resolutions made and a chance to start fresh in the new semester, the BYU-Hawaii community shares their predictions for the twists and turns 2014 has in store.

“My prediction for 2014? The gym [weight room] will be packed for a week or two and then no one will be there the rest of the year,” said Abigail Smith, a biology senior from Iowa.

“2014 is the year of the Jimmy! Jimmy Fallon is moving to the Tonight Show and Seth Meyers is moving to starting a Late Night Show. I’m so incredibly excited!” said Cara Adams, a junior in psychology from California.

“With 2014 here, all I can think is I’ll finally be able to know what happens at the end of the ‘Hobbit’ when it comes out in December,” said Gentry Bailey, a Spanish education major from Kona, Hawaii. “And yes, I’m fully aware I could read the book,” he added.

“I heard someone say hashtags were a 2013 thing. Not a chance. Hashtags will never die,” said Stephen Adams, a social work major from Alaska.

2014 has been labeled the “year of the Jimmy,” and “the year of Seth Meyers,” as Meyers’ face recently graced the cover of Time magazine. The Chinese zodiac calls 2014 the year of the horse.

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