Students rate going to class B+ when it comes to learning

Written by: 
Rebecca Sabalones ~ Multimedia Journalist

On a scale of 1 (never) to 4 (always), 22 BYU-Hawaii students rated their classes based the usefulness to their learning. The result? An average of 2.9 or a B+ rating.

“The classes that are just lectures that are available on canvas could be time just as well spent doing homework,” said Spencer Davis, a junior in marine biology from Las Vegas.

Several students said their classes were useful to go to only sometimes but most said it depends on the class. However, others also said it is useful to always go to class.

One student said they felt it was good to go to class, even if the class isn’t helping you to learn the material, because of the personal attention students get from instructors.

As students attending a small university, attendance does get noticed. In addition, students do have more access to one-on-one interaction with the professor, which is a useful resource for learning.

Efrain Elias Ramos, a senior in IT from Mexico, said, “We are blessed to be on a campus where the professors and faculty know your name and where you are from. It’s important because we receive that personal attention.”

Fotu Misa, a junior in political science from Western Samoa, said he had been attending class and doing his homework but would still receive low grades on his quizzes and tests.

“I was always going to class, even if I didn’t know the subject,” said Misa. “Surprisingly, he [the instructor] said I’ll get a B+ because I’d always go to class, never mind the quizzes and tests. I’m just a big believer in going to class. Ever since that experience, I always just go to class.”

Professors base their lessons and class structure on the Learning Framework provided by the university, which says, “Through your classroom conversations, collaborating, and interacting with your peers and instructors, you will enhance your ability to appreciate differences and prepare to navigate the complexities of a culturally diverse world.”

The Learning Framework also says students should be prepared for class and actively engaged in their own learning process. It is intended that the students are to choose to use class as a resource for their learning.