Students react to North Korean nuclear testing

Written by: 
Clover Cheng~Multimedia Journalist and AP

North Korea carried out an underground nuclear test on Feb.12 shocking the world and neighboring China. Afterward, Beijing declared disappointment toward Pyongyang (the capital of North Korea).

“The United Nations Security Council and Washington say the test violated U.N. resolutions. North Korea is believed to be trying to develop nuclear-armed missiles,” says a BBC news article entitled “North Korea Celebrates 3rd Nuclear Test With Huge Rally.”

Since new North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took office, Beijing has signaled a growing unhappiness with Pyongyang. Kim has ignored China's interests in a stable neighborhood with two rocket launches and a nuclear test plan. China first welcomed Kim’s ascension after the death of his father in December 2011 and offered aid as well as investment.

As Kim keeps on spurning China, the question is for how long the new China leader Xi Jinping will continue to back North Korea's nettlesome policies.

“I think North Korea is not ready to blow up the world. They are just trying to show off that they have the technology to do so,” said Jinkyung Seo, a TESOL senior from South Korea. “I am not worried if South Korea would be attacked because when President McKay dedicated the Seoul Temple, he said there will be no war on the land. I believe in his prophecy 100 percent,” added Seo.

Not as confident as Seo, Angel Huang, an undeclared freshman from China, said the situation made her nervous. “I don’t like war and I don’t want anyone to die. North Korea shouldn’t frighten the world.”

Jade Cheng, an elementary education freshman from Hong Kong, said she hopes North Korea and China would not end up at war. “I don’t support war in any form,” she said. “[But] if I need to choose, I rather the countries fight with economy or backlash…. technology isn’t made for conflict but peace.”