Students rock the mic; New Game Center stage debuts at Open Mic night

Written by: 
Lauren Steimle~ Multimedia Journalist

Music blasted from the BYU-Hawaii Game Center on Friday, Oct. 4, when the Music Club hosted an open mic night for its opening social. While some attendants were there to play, people said they were there to support their friends and listen to live music.

Some artists played solo acoustic ballads while others went full-force with a band of plugged-in guitars, basses, and drum sets. Grace Everton, a freshman from California majoring in exercise sports science, explained why she decided to get up and share her talents at open mic, “Well this is my first semester, and I just wanted to meet a lot of local musicians because back home I had a lot of friends who were musicians. It’s nice to meet other people that way.”

Another fellow musician and president of the Music Club, Brandon C. W. Johnson, a junior from New Jersey majoring in business management, shared his thoughts on the event, “It gave us an opportunity to come together as friends and musicians and share. It gave us the unique opportunity to share the new stage at the Game Center. It got a huge crowd and hopefully we’ll be able to do this open mic jam session every Friday night.”

After open mic night, students expressed their enthusiasm with the event and expressed their desires to have more open mic nights in the future. McKenzie King, a senior from Utah majoring in ICS, said, “It’s super chill and people become rock stars.” Brooke Rohner, a sophomore from California majoring in exercise science, added, “It was dope, fresh and fly.”

Whether there to perform or just to the enjoy, open mic night provided a social event for students to meet and hang out doing something they love. Jerald Roberts, a senior from Washington D.C. majoring in IDS, explained, “I love playing. I love playing a lot. It’s really nice to have a place to come and play with other people who like doing the same thing that I do. And it’s even better when you come and do something that you like to do and other people enjoy also.”