Students say ‘Les Mis’ in their favorite holiday film of 2012

Written by: 
Sydney Odell~Multimedia Journalist

The Christmas season comes ripe with top grossing Blockbuster films as thousands of people across the nation flock to their local movie theaters for a taste of the movie magic. While families chose to spend the actual Christmas day at home enjoying each other’s company, others use the day to go seek collective entertainment at their local movie theatres. This 2012 season welcomes a myriad of cinematic entertainment including big name titles such as “Les Miserables” and “The Hobbit.” While all of these films will bring in major bucks this Christmas, when it comes to BYU-Hawaii’s student’s excitement for holiday movies, the release of the new adaptation of “Les Miserables” takes first place.

“Les Miserables,” a novel first published in 1862 by Victor Hugo, follows the storyline of a group of Parisian protestors during the time of the French Revolution. The main antagonist Jean Valjean, an ex-convict, is entrusted with the care of young Cosette after her mother dies in destitute conditions. As Veljean attempts to raise Cosette and begin his life again while avoiding capture from the fanatic police inspector and main protagonist, Javert, a story of redemption and love unfolds amidst the chaos of a country torn apart by civil war. With soul bearing musical performances and universally applicable themes, the story has lent itself to be a favorite around the world. Since its original release in the late 19th Century, the story has been routinely adapted for radio, plays, musicals, and film.

McKenzie Head, a junior in ICS: Peacebuilding from Utah, said she is extremely excited for the new Christmas release. “I am stoked for the movie ‘Les Miserables’ after having loved the play for years,” she commented. “I grew up with the music and the characters and am so excited to see how they adapt it with this new film. The options are limitless and I know it will be great.” Head said she feels intimately connected to this particular release confessing that “I cry when I watch the trailers and am excited to see the story come to life in a new light."

Also an avid “Les Mis” fan, a senior in ICS: Communications from Colorado Andrea Hansen, said she “will probably see it a couple of times in the theaters. I watched the international trailer on Youtube and it was amazing.” It was Hansen’s sister who first got her interested in the play years ago, and though they are the only two “Les Mis” enthusiasts they know, she hopes that potentially with the movie’s release it will draw in more fans.

AJ Acuna, a freshman in biology from Georgia, said he is particularly excited to see the all new diverse cast highlighting some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. “I think ‘Les Mis’ is going to be a good movie because it has great actors like Anne Hathaway, Russell Crow, and Hugh Jackman,” he hypothesized. Hansen is also very impressed with the cast, although she has some reservations concerning one of the most important characters. “I think they did a great job on casting, but I don't know how I feel about Amanda Seyfried as Cosette,” she said.